I Just Don't Feel Hungry

Its not like I'm starving myself. I just don't eat when I'm not hungry. And I don't feel hungry a lot. And so, I've lost a lot of weight. I'm not really trying to stop eating, or keep losing weight. It just happens. Now my family is starting to get worried, they think I'm on a crash diet or something. They just don't get that I won't eat, because I just don't need to eat as much as they do as much as I use to.
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I know this is an old thread, but I am looking for answers too. I am 39 years old and in the past 8 months I have dropped from a size 14 to a 2. (I've lost roughly 60 pounds).
I am just not hungry most of the time. For days. And when I do eat, I can only eat a few bites before it feels so uncomfortable that I have to stop. I try to graze throughout the day and snack on little things. I am very particular about the food I eat. I'm not eating junk. Not a lot of sweets or heavy carbs because they really upset my belly. But I do fruits and vegetables and am very particular to choose superfoods and foods packed with protein.
I am starting to become afraid because I am developing symptoms. I am always cold. I have numbness in my hands and feet, an incredible sensitivity to light, my vision is becoming blurry, I am tired and have emotional instability, I am constantly wracked with kidney pain, my period hasn't been regular in months, my teeth are deteriorating and my hair is falling out.
I love food. Seriously. I love to cook and I love to eat. I don't understand how I lost my appetite and why my body seems to be rejecting food. It's almost like it forgot how to digest it. It's quite painful.
How do I stop this? I'm really getting quite concerned.

I've been having this problem as well.
Though because Im not hungry most of the time, I eat like a meal a day.

There are two theoretical reasons for me:
1. I rarely exercise, I spend most of my day at home
2. I started taking amphetamine (adderal like drug), which takes away most of my appetite.

Symptoms I'm having atm:
1. Sleeping for more than 12 hrs a day (waking up is hard)
2. Always tired
3. Bad memory

I need to exercise more, beware of things that takes away my appetite, and make sure I get enough nutrients per day.
So far I'm doing so good lol.

If you figure out how to regain your appetite, or solve this problem could you share how you did it?

I don't eat often. When I do its such a small amount it doesn't really count as eating. I just dont get hungry. I am a 47yr old woman. My health is declining rapidly. I suffer constant pain and fatigue. My kidneys no longer work properly. Im on strong medication for some serious health issues that increases the toxin build up in my system because I don't get enough nutrition. Im sick every day barely getting through. I can no longer do any of the activities I loved, simply getting through the day is exhausting. I'm telling you this to let you see what happens when you don't eat. I weigh 44 kilos..I look like death! I don't want to be sick, I don't want to die. I have children and grandchildren that I want to see grow up. I'm only in my 40's. ..that is not old! You Have to eat! Even if you aren't hungry. If you don't your body will shut down, you will get ill and die! All because you didn't feel hungry. It is so hard to be sick and in extreme pain every day. Pain so bad you cant move and its 24hrs every single day. Pain! Fatigue so bad its hard to lift a cup to drink or to get to the bathroom is just exhausting. do do Yourself a favour..Eat..the more you eat the hungrier you will get..you will be healthy and live a good life..the only one who can do this is you! Its your body, your responsibility. .no one elses. I started in my childhood. We didnt have enough to eat. Mostly only having something small every few days. My mother died of malnutrition! We live in Australia not a third world country. I've barely eaten all my life because I just don't get hungry. .now I'm dying..my body has finally given up. I am to blame..its only food but it will save your life! Pls just eat even if you aren't hungry..its so simple. .just eat...

hey, I'm 14 and every time I look at food it turns me sick and I used to love my food but for the past 2 months I hate food, I have a little snack when my energy is low.I don't have a clue what's wrong with me and my dad said its not normal I'm not sure if I should seek help or whether its just a 'teen stage' my neighbour went through the same thing when she was my age and she was close to becoming anorexic which scares me a little I really don't know what to do!


simular thing happened to me, I was really sick with gastritis and everything I ate made me sick bloated and in pain. I stopped eating because it hurt, the discomfort would trigger anxiety attacks . I recently started eating but I find it easier to eat at night, I'm still loosingv weight, I'm a big guy I started this when I weighed 254 I know weigh 232

Its happening to me to but I don't know why? Munchies were my thing now I don't crave them. When I'm hungry I only get one small amount for the whole day but I also wake up really late like at 4 pm due to the fact I sleep at 6 am ( been having weird sleeping habit). But its only when a week and and I use to weigh 130 now its 124 I don't really care its just weird oh and in 18.

I have been experiencing the same exact thing, i could go days without food. I'm starting to lose allot of weight. I constantly feel tired. I try to eat at regular times but i forget because i'm not hungry at all. I have no clue what to do :c

If you find anything out can you tell me.?

I have the same thing: I don't get hungry at all. I could easily not eat all day and not really notice. I think the issue might be low stomach acid! It explains a lot of my other symptoms as well. Look it up and see if it explains anything for you. I'm just about to start supplementing with HCL. Google it and see if this might be your problem too!

I'm not hungry and haven't wasn't the night before, but ate in school and for breakfast but I'm not hungry when I comes to the last meal of the day, but I don't know why? Please help me as I don't know why and what's happening and please reply to this, and I'm only 12 nearly 13 and my family are getting worried x

Ya this is like me ok so im not obese but im a little over weight right well im ok with that i eat when im hungry well this past couple weeks im not hungry like at all so i dont eat and when i eat more then a couple bites it hurts my stomach so i cant even force myself to eat my mom thinks im starving myself im really not and i think im gaining weight because my body is storing any fat i intake so its starting to worry me

I don't eat either. It all started when I started my first job I would not eat at all while at work.

I did this to save money because the food cost a lot then after 3 weeks my body got used to it. Then it started to turn into a daily thing because I would never get hungry anymore I have to force myself to eat.

The same thing is happening to me. I'm never hungry. Like EVER, but I try to make myself to remember to eat and it's kinda hard since your body isn't telling you when to eat. I'm glad I found this because I thought it was just me. A lot of my friends think I'm crazy and purposefully starving myself when it isn't even like that: ( I'm just really not hungry

I'm 16 and in the past week I lost all my appetite. I didn't eat anything for two days except goldfish and even then I felt full after like two handfuls. I thought it was just a phase but as time goes on nothing is changing. I can feel hungry occasionaly and I start to eat buy get full really fast and feel sick if I keep eating. My mom is starting to get worried and I don't know what's wrong

This is sooooo me except I eat when around my family because if I don't they will freak and get mad and think that I'm trying to loose weight or something. I mean I would love to shed a little bit of weight but I know that using that method is soo unhealthy and I wouldn't do that to my body if I was actually hungry. It sucks kinda though because I eat when around my mom cause if not she'll have a cow, but I'm not hungry. I normally don't eat breakfast or lunch except on certain occasions when my mom makes me cause I think she doesn't believe me. But yeah, I really get what you mean! I thought I was like the only one and was crazy weird.

Same here

Gmcself....Thank you !!!

Well I ended up in the emergency room, then in the hospital for two weeks as I was getting a "re-feed". Fed interveinously very carefully as my body got used to taking in nutrition. My organs were shutting down and I could have died if I had not gotten to the point that I was unable to digest food and the pain was unbearable, landing me in the ER. My body was thriving on muscle as I had no fat left for it to use. I came home from the hospital weighing 85 pounds. I am 5'7". That was in Nov 2014. I have since been on tube feelings (a G-tube has been inserted through my belly into my large intestine) which take 12 hours a day to drip in. I am currently 101 pounds. All because I "just wasn't hungry". I had no idea I was killing myself..get checked out by a gastrologist before you end up really sick. I was diagnosed with SMA (superior mesenteric artery syndrome), a condition brought on by not getting enough calories and is VERY serious. I suggest anyone who has been losing weight due to no appetite Google this for more info. It could save you.

I have been this way since I was about 14 and I am now 29. I always thought that some people live to eat and some people eat to live. My mother was always overweight and still is and always told me when I was a child to never get fat because she hated herself. Sometimes I think that maybe subconsciously I have told myself not to eat because she buried it within me to never be fat. I like food. I just don't get the urge to eat. I normally will only eat dinner. Maybe a snack during the day on a rare occasion. There has been times I've gone days without eating because I have forgotten. I've been to a doctor but it is never been a major issue. I have been diagnosed with depression. I've also been diagnosed with acid reflux. These may have some influence on my appetite but they have never shown to be the direct cause. I fear now that I am older and hope to have children within the next few years that this will become a major problem. Any suggestions on how to alter my eating habits/needs would be greatly appreciated.

Hi I need some help to lose weight please!!

Shrunk stomach it happened to me about a year ago when i moved into my friends house hardly ate stomach shrunk no i eat about once a day then i fell like im going to vomit and i hate when people harass me to eat I lost 50lbs in a month and a half I have never felt better so when people keep telling me i need to quit losing weight im like FU i havent gone below 140 havent lost any muscle and my food bill is lower than ever so why should i eat more if i dont have to now people are saying im on tina which is funny because they had no idea i did it when i was 50lbs overweight and now im average build they think im a hardcore drug addict and the dumbasses had no clue for 3 years and they are a year late on finding out that i "did" drugs so now im going to have to put up with them thinking i do drugs now that i "don't" do drugs anymore

ME 2,Just dont feel the need to eat and i dont,been like this 2 years or more,cant remember.loosing weight,what do i need to do.No insurance ,cant afford doctor.

Same here. I don't know whats wrong. I don't get hungry anymore and when I do a sandwich fills me up. All I eat is a sandwich all day. Is this bad?

Honestly if you make a hearty sandwich, which contains some of each proper foodgroup, I don't see anything wrong with that. Though eatting bread a lot isn't generally good for you, whole grain maybe?

Same, I just don't get hungry. Maybe once or twice a day I will eat a somewhat big meal but just because I know I am supposed to eat and after that I will then only drink, I get thirsty. My mom gets worried and has me drink Ensures haha! I could care less about my weight I dont actually know my weight at this moment but last time I was at my doctor she was like your BMI is pretty low I think like 15... I don't know. I just don't really get the whole hunger thing...

i feel just like Emily xxx but i am almost sure is a psicological situatio even when i want to eat there is the food in front of me but my stomac say no i am worry cos i am a skinny gay and i wish to be more strong now i am eating protein and that have help but i am stell waiting for some help¿¿

I'm EXACTLY like what you say... I'm 18, but been struggling with depression since I was 10/11, I struggle with inomnia and hyposomnia and theerfore feel irritated and fed up most the time. the appitiate through all meds i've been on has been the same so I wouldn't but it down to that. Have you been check out with the doctor? I haven't eaten breakmfast since I was in year 4 or something (I'm from England) and am cureently in year 13 - last year before Uni. I'm worried cos if someone makes soemthing for me to eat, I'll eat it (which is normally tea) but if I'm not hungry by after lunch all I'll have is a cups juice or mil throughout the day,, and maybe a meal - which parents include a range of stuff weekly so I'm getting nutrients a bit though I have to watch TV or listen to music to make sure I eat all what's on my plate cos I get extremely bloated if I eat a particular amount at a time. I honestly think I could go a week without food, by tummy grumbles sometimes but i don't feel hungry. I'm like you, I'm not trying NOT to eat, I'm just not hungry... I was wondering if it was a eating disorder to as it's not something I've actually chosen to do - I don't purposefully NOT EAT or even throw up what i've eaten so that's the 2 options gone... I'm skinny natually anyways so always struggled to but on weight but able to maintain it. Do you have a fast metabolism? Do you move alot in your sleep? I do, and was curious if this also impacts in what I burn off. I also feel that my stomache has strunk trhoughout the last 7/8 yrs so that may be a big factor too: we're used to not eating alot and therefore our body's are used to it!<br />
<br />
and @agat4593 mum says that i was a VERY fussy baby... but I got better when I was todler, as i would be one of those babies who would nurse a little, fall asleep, cry and nurse then go back to sleep - all i could say is at least your babies eating something right? it's better than nothing.<br />
I know a few friends who were the same but they eat know for teh whole of Britian ;)<br />
<br />
Hope I've given you insite of someone else going through not being hungry! ~Emily xx

Hello People who don't feel hungry, I am wondering if you felt hungry as babies? My baby doesn't want to eat (he nurses) and at one year is three pounds underweight, skinny and malnourished. The doctor says he has to eat, but we can't make him. He hates food, cups and bottles. That's why I ask ans if so how did you survive babyhood?

Um neither my parents or I really noticed how I eat until I was like four. So maybe your baby has something different... Actually edit I noticed when I was like 7 when comparing to other kids... my parent really started noticing at four.

Our son was the same way. The doctors tried to treat it like acid reflux but nothing helped. He never would gain weight. He would vomit after feedings. At two and a half his doctor sent us to a GI doctor....We finally found out what was wrong....He has a rare disorder and not very many doctors even know about it. You may want to look into seeing a GI doctor the disorder is called Eosinophilic esophagitis

Me too, I don't eat unless I get hungry which isn't happening at all. There were days in which I haven't consumed any food the whole day, just drinking water. Yet I didn't loss any weight, just building more muscle because I exercise a lot. So I guess, it's normal to not feel hungry but if you're anxious about it then just visit a doctor.

...It is an Odd Disorder.., and YES it is a Type of Anorexic Disorder... I Have Suffered From This Disorder for About 28 Years Now... Not Feeling Hungry.., Only Eating Once Per Day (if at all)... I Actually Like Food.., But Somewhere Down the Path.., I Grew Weary of Prepared Food... <--- Could Be Because I Suffered From 7 Food Poisonings... I NEVER Let Anyone Cook for Me... Back to the Disorder... I Believe it Cannot Be Called a "Nervosa" for There is No Reason for Not Eating.., Except for Lack of Hunger... And So This Intertwines With Medicinal Marijuana... Which Would Help People Like Us and Would Have Minimum Side Effects.., as Opposed to the Psycoactive Drugs They Prescribe People With This Disorder Now.., and May Cause Horrible Depression and so on... THE FACT IS.., "WE ARE KILLING OURSELVES." My Advice to Everyone Reading This is.., Take Vitamins.., Drink V-8 Fusion/Splash.., Juices.., Milk.., etc... Remember.., the Brain Needs Proteins and Such to Stay Healthy... Bones.., Organs as Well... I Would Advise Y'all (and myself) to Seek Professional Counsiling... It May Not Seem Like a Serious Issue.., But I am NOW Realizing That it is... Blessed Be... <br />
- Rob

I am the same as well. I used to love to eat and I still do. But I just don't get hungry. I force myself to eat on the clock because I don't want to lose anymore weight

I have a similar thing thing. All my life I have never felt hunger. I was born with it. Though, unlike you I like eating. I eat because it's my type of relaxation. I don't overeat, but I eat. When I think about my condition I feel lucky. I can eat whenever I want and my body won't complain. You don't want to under-eat though. Try to find foods you enjoy, and just eat small amounts. You don't have to feel hungry to eat.