Over the last few years and particularly the last two, I've found it increasingly hard to have successful ****** either with a partner or alone. I know what I like but it's very inconsistent. My girlfriend, who is very understanding tells me to tell her what I want. I do but it doesn't always work. Sometimes I'll have her dress up or talk dirty to me and I'll get half way up that "hill" and then it stops working, like it's suddenly not enough.

The therapist I used to see said that when I get turned on to just stay in that moment and not think about anything else. I find that it's sometimes hard to focus. I'll look at the clock or think of what I need to get done for that day. Something usually creeps into my thoughts and I'll sometimes find myself fighting a losing battle.
cracklewalk cracklewalk
46-50, M
May 12, 2012