Looking back through my stories, I was surprised I hadn't posted this yet.

Last month I started thinking how long it had been since my girlfriend and I had any sex together. It's been a busy Summer and for the most part we have been taking care of ourselves alone. We needed to get back into sharing it with each other again.

In the early days we'd sort of play out a mother and baby scenario and I'd "nurse" on her breasts but over time it fell by the wayside as it became more of a "cut to the chase". I really wanted to get back into something we could both enjoy so I started reading some stories here about "ABF" or adult breast feeding.

The next time we had an evening together I put my panties and plastic pants on and started working on her breasts. She loved it!

I ate her out and when she recovered she returned the favor by putting on the plastic pants and teasing me while I jacked off. It was awesome!

We need to do that more often.

cracklewalk cracklewalk
46-50, M
Sep 15, 2012