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I Think I'm a Reincarnation of an Angel

 My real name is Anna, but to tell everyone the truth, I really am just 13 years old. I needed to get things off my chest and tell everybody what I think I am and the weird experiences I am having at the matter. 

I don't know what I am.

That's pretty much the base of this entire story, yet I have one idea of what it might be. I think I'm an Incarnated Angel. That's the only idea I have. I guess since I'm so young, its normal for me to be scared of this sort of thing, so I was hoping that whoever reads this, will give me an answer and tell me what to do.

The only proof of what my resolution is my dreams. The dreams are so vivid, so many details. But, I think they are not dreams, but memories. Its either I have a memory when I sleep, or I don't dream at all. I don't dream of things like having the most popular guy at school ask you out, no. I have dreams of being alone, my friends dying in battle, being trained for what I may know is my last day.

But, my personality is slightly different then what you think it might be.

I always looked cheerful in my dreams, never looking back, but looking forward. Working hard, not giving up. Yet, when I wake up from one of these horrific dreams, I touch my face, proving that I was crying. 

One of my dreams, I was being trained. Trained for a battle that had yet to come. There was a man that was training me, and to tell everyone the truth, he had not looked that older than me. He gave me a bracelet that had a sun and moon on it. 

We both were up in the mountains, looking down on something that looked like a headquarters. The funny thing was, he told me to break into the base and steal something, I forget what it was. 

Of course my first answer was, "No way! I'd get caught immediately!"

But the man just smiled and forced me to go. I remember I was climbing down a ladder when I got caught. The guards of this headquarters placed me in a jail, but my master, my trainer, broke me out. 

That was the end of one of my dreams.

My very first dream was I was on a boat with three other people. A woman, a pretty one at that, a boy my age and a man wearing something of a large set of gray armor. We were in a jungle, almost looking like the amazon river.

I smiled at the armored man and laughed, "I like Kain better, he's like a wolf!"

Even though everything around my "former self" looked so sad, so scary, my "former self" wouldn't give up. Wouldn't look back or regret anything.

I have many more dreams to talk about, but this one is fine for now. If you wish to know what the other ones are, please just ask me on the comments.

I first thought of my conclusion when I told one of my best friends about what was happening. She happily began to look it up for me. 

One random day, she called me up on my cell phone and told me I might've been reincarnated. Of course at the time, I didn't think I would be an incarnation of an Angel, but she kept looking up on things and told me that too.

I don't even know if this connects with anything, but I also think robins are following me. I know, I sound like an idiot. Robins are just birds you see once every hour, right? Well... not for me. The second I go outside, a robin is right on the sidewalk in front of me. I'm not lying. 

My "former self" must've been afraid of Robins, because one time, when I just gave up on running from the robins, I stared at one in the eye.

The eye... it scared me so much. Suddenly, tears flowed down my face and I burst out into tears. Please, don't ask me why that happened, because I have no idea. I was so scared and confused, maybe because I'm so young.

One of the scariest things of all, is what is about to happen. I get this gut feeling that something very important will happen, in maybe a few years or so. Very, very important. Just like Anrael. Her story touched me the most. Please, if you are someone with a problem like this or know more things, then please tell me on the comments thing.

PLEASE. I'm really desperate. If you think you know the answer to my problem tell me. 

 Also, the name 'Annar Wings' has popped into my head many times before. That's why that is my username.


Thanks, Everyone. ^_^

AnnarWings AnnarWings 22-25, F 127 Responses Aug 1, 2009

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I have a similar thing. Except in my case it's some sort of god that lives inside me. I have a feeling he's not exactly one of the good guys if you know what i mean. I know this post is kind of late but if anybody has any information regarding this please post

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Hey.i hope u are fine im male 18 from asia .i feel like u.but with a little difference.sry my english isnt so good.i feel i was an angel.and i wanted God to make me born on earth as a human to gain experience .and now i m here.i cant tell anyone this matter ,but you.i dont know if our feeling is true...i wanna find it out.if you want we help each other ,i will be email: aref888878@yahoo
Please delete my comment after you read.
Someone (a reader) told me that i am a high experienced soul.i wanted to tell u another thing too.please dont trust all the people very very easily.and dont judge easily.

Good to know I'm not alone with this unusual stuff aref888878. Hope there's someone who is an adept in this kind of field that can give answers, otherwise will end up looking like delusional people.

I don't know where to start but I'll share everything I only remember without any exaggeration. I have these memories since I was a child and I'm not sure when did this started. I'm in a place where almost everything is bright, we are all tall I could say almost perfect looking people dress in white and and we seemed to look exactly identical, and not only that we also literally glow. Almost all of the time we worship this huge bright light that we believe had created us and we are happy doing it. Then I observed a fellow that have been to a different place(the reality we are in now) and have manage to come back, he seems to learn and experience things I never did. Then I notice more of them specially the ones that just come back from that place, and I could see that they seemed extremely happy to be back (you can compare their expression to someone winning a billion bucks). Instantly know that their memories are erased while they are on that place however they can recall back everything as soon as they got back. They also seemed to glow brighter, some of them desire to go back again(I cant remember if they are able to)however some are not able to come back from that place and I'm not sure why or what happen to them. At that moment moment I shared my desire to be one of them to another fellow that warned me that I may not able to come back, and that only a few chosen ones could be able to go to that place(which I already know) but told me anyway to ask the bright light (I cant remember what we call that light but he have a name) if he permits. I'm not sure when or how did it happen, but I got the bright lights attention and shared my willingness to be one of those chosen fellows. I cant remember the rest of what we talk about all I remember is that the lights voice is like a huge thunder but it doesn't sound angry and it have a very clear voice. instantly all I see is dark i felt like being squeezed and I cant breathe for a minute or two, then I see a light(i can just compare it to someone point a flashlight at you at a distance while your eyes are closed) and I'm able to breathe then. I wish could add more but that's all i remember by the way I'm already 25 years old(not sure if my age matters). Yes, this is weird especially for a person like me who likes making jokes of people I know that talks about astral realm and the spirit world and find it hard to believe since I never experience anything else superstitious. If there's anyone with similar experiences, or anyone who can explain it to me I would appreciate it.

Hello Anna, its great u have most of your memories. What problem? this is the opposite of a problem. I'm a novice White (healer and teacher) still learning and apparently my username is me.I'm a wicken (apprentice of the old ways) and was told to go on this site the minute i read your post. I do understand what is happening to you. i used to have similar dreams of my past lives and angelic existences as well. in fact i have seen spirits and stuff because of my abilities (like other things as well EG. empathics, divination, astrotravel and i can heal people like take away their pain) . i can see anywhere that has had a soul in it. which drives me mad. Especially since i have had this crystal.I only got the crystal at a cherry festival in manjimup because it called to me when i was looking in the shop it was in. when i picked it up it was really warm but when i asked my mum to feel it she said it felt really cold ( she is a wicken too). Last night, i left it next to my bed and had dreams i haven't had since 5 years ago when i got a dream catcher ( cos my dreams were making me talk in my sleep). The next day i could predict just about every event in the day cos of a dream i had and visions i had of things before they happened( like flashes of pictures).so i suggest u buy some clear quarts and put it under ur pillow before u go o sleep to see if it helps.
U can do all this stuff i promise. probably better than me because your angel is probably different to mine. Mine is a bit warlike.

Hi, i think i'm a reincarnated angel. My friend told me (claims she's a wiccian or something like that) that i was one. Also, another one of my friends', also claims to be a reincarnated angel, said i was one too. But anyway, i really believe that i am one since i was 15, and i'm 20 now. I get these dreams and they're very very vivid. I've even had a dream where i feel from heaven you can say. I felt my wings burn away, the rush of wind on my skin and the hear from falling very fast, then i remember hitting the ground hard. And when i woke up, my body hurt like hell and my back had this burning and aching sensation, which i still get every now and then day or night. (Which i thought was in my head). And i've told both of my friends' this, and they said that was from the reincarnated angel in me.
I know this seems like rambling and i do have a tendency to ramble, but i thought i'd include my story. I've always been confused by it. Like ever since i was four, i've had concepts of hell and things like that that a four year old wouldn't know. And i've always felt out of place my whole life. Then there's the supernatural stuff too. I get these clips or snapshots of the future in my dreams. Each snapshot or scene is always either two year to five years from the night i seen it. I've had these since i was four or younger. I just thought of what you guys probably think. If this is all in my head, please tell me. But if not, awesome. I just want to really know since i can barely talk to anyone in my family about it or any of my other friends. They'd all think i'm crazy. (My two friends' that i mentioned are too busy to talk too.)

Dear Anna,
I'm new to this, and I'm so much older than you. I'm 24. I've had weird fascinations since I was a kid, and my stories I've realized are the same when I write them down. A girl with a sword with a mixed race of human and angel. It's weird, but I have a strange fascination with the nephilim. Idk if I'm evil or good because I know things I shouldn't know. Things like portals to hell and **** like that. A great red dragon lives in an abyss. I was fighting it and my body consumed by evil things and I sent them back through the portal in my dream. Back to hell. I know things before I search for them. Like the sumarians or Azazel. It scares me that I'm fascinated with it, and I want to reach the other side to know. I used to be a christian, and that's when my stories went away. Before I was, they were never ending. Afterwards, the stories came back. I changed because I missed myself and it wasn't forced on me. Idk what I am. I am human now, but my past life I was something very different. I once did a tarot reading, and the lady said I could change the world. Literally, the world. Now, you might think she was bogus but my friend was also there. Her reading was very sad and she said she felt weak because of my reading. Everyone's different. But, idk if I'm powerful or not. I just know the stories mean something. Relate to something. And I'm apart of it.

Angels DO incarnate. It took many years but I finally remember who I am. I, too, am an incarnated angel. I am Araki'el. Yes, one of the Watchers. Don't worry, the stories of the "evil" Watchers are wrong. I have to ask... is it painful for you to be in this world? I mean like an extreme version of fingernails scratching across a chalkboard type painful. Each day when you wake up does it feel like this place is alien to you? Do you feel like you don't recognize who you are when you look in a mirror? Do you desparately yearn to go home? I see you feel like something very important is coming and that you have an important responsibility in the coming event... like you have to help others prepare... or you feel you have to defend those who won't be able to defend themselves? These are all part of it.

By the way, the important big thing that is coming is The Third Ascension. I feel it's supposed to be the early 2020s.

I am 31 years old though most people think I'm a lot younger. I got very ill last year with a bunch of stuff so I spent almost all year in my room. During this time something changed in me. I had a visit from 2 Angels when my friend had done a distance healing. Since then I feel like I have to prepare people for some event that is going to take place I don't know what it is but I know in order to survive there needs to be a spiritual awareness of some sort, an inner light that is very powerful that is inside some of us, that 'someone or something' doesn't want us to realise. I have told 2 people of this because i recognised something in them and somehow needed to tell them this. They told me they have had people tell them all their life they are Angels. Well I have had this too. And only now am realising the significance of this. They agreed they too felt their was something coming.During this time I felt the urge to research the history of humanity including Aliens, Nephilim, lost civilisations etc. I didn't once want to do anything else while I was sick (aside from be well and get on with normal life).

I have always felt like it's extremely painful for me to be here in this world and have struggled to understand people. I have at times abused drugs and alcohol but now I cannot because I feel like I would be doing humanity a dis-service if I did, that I need all my energy for a higher purpose. And now more than ever I feel the pain of being here and I want to go 'home' wherever that is. It makes me cry, and I find this very strange as I was never like this before. It's like my soul is remembering.

I can't tell many people these things, only if I recognise someone is like me. Sometimes I feel alone but I find myself asking questions to the sky and reaching both my hands up. Sometimes I feel energy running down my arms and I know the answer, sometimes nothing. But it helps me feel less alone. Do you feel this way too? Have you had similar experiences?

guys im boy 20 years old and i really need a help.since 5 years ago i start dreaming something weird like i have a wing a black wing im holding my (i don't know something spear),i just sit on roof of high building alike church and see field full of dead body evenwhen i woke up i still can smell the blood,what's wrong with me? i never talk about this to people cause they'll call me a freak.

I got a gift a gift that can be both a curse and not, i do see thing other can't and other can't see, neither one in my family or my family belive in god, But i do but my life is yet different it is something others can't speak of,

i will try to keep this short

Lilith the night demon as been watching me since im young.
I do forgive others for what they do even before it happends.
I can see things before they happen in dreams and the i experiance them again somewhere in the future.

I yet do not hurt others even if i want i can't, in games i can be rude sometimes but in real life i cannot.

I do now seek answers to my life before i got much to tell that no one can, thats why i start to seek answers now when im 16 and soon 17.

Im going to go to a priest and ask for answers but the priest is someone who may not be able to answer what i am. my belief in god is strong even i do not pray. Pm me becuse i need to talk to others who are gifted with something that makes your life a burden.

In one off my dreams I have a golden sword chained to my wrist and I felt glorious ready for battle bUT i woke up crying

Anna we need to talk. Go to if you are still interested. Get ready for the next level. I am the wolf in your dreams

In one of my dreams, I was an angel, a messenger.. Telling people that Jesus is coming, I was throwing out papers on the doorsteps. I saw children that were crying out of fear but I couldn't help them, they were some kind of evil. And I saw a man, but I believed it was Jesus, he told me to follow him to a tower, so I was climbing on the tower with Him and when the door is about to open, I woke up. Another dream that I couldn't forget is that, I was in a car, with four people, but I can feel we have a connection. We're going to a mountain, mist covered the entire place. And a man was holding my hand and for that moment, I felt like it was for real. That I was really in that place, with a mission. And I always wanted to know who are these people 'cause I feel like they were so important to me. I always dreamt about me being an angel or if not an angel, a secret agent or someone with a mission..destruction everywhere, it seems like its end of the world, the skies turn red, buildings were abandoned. And in one of my dreams, I was running down the stairs trying to escape 'cause the demon was luring all the people. I run out so fast 'cause I know he was after me. I already dreamt thrice of being an angel. The 2nd time was, I was flying and a group of people shot me down, I fell into the sea and struggling to get out of the trap. The 3rd time was last night, I couldn't remember what exactly happened but I was saving people. I might as well share this, I don't know if I'm just overreacting but I always see butterflies, like everyday. I know people don't notice it flying around, but I notice them. I always did. Even when it flies across the street or anywhere. And when I was a kid, I always use it as signs from God. While I was searching the internet, I found this "butterflies and birds were considered to be messengers from the spirit world. Here are a few clues that butterflies might be angels in disguise."

Their are angels among us and your probaly one..your a warrior for the next coming of the lord.

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Me too. Exactly. the dreams.. the birds... please pray we are united.. so we can do whatever it is we agreed to do. i know it sounds weird but i think u understand...

I am a boy I'm 14 and have vague memories of shadows watching me growing up as I got older I have had dreams of the future and de ja vu it makes me cry talking about it but I also see the past like memories I once saw myself but different staring over the ocean at land with tall trees and large creatures at sunset I also have looked at some of my friends explained there whole life there house and everything and swear them not to tell I just want to know why I see some of the things I see why I realize what others don't because of my mood swings and other reactions to what I see I have been labeled by doctors and Iused to be on meds but am not any more I also have dreams were I feel my body actually convoulsing and speak in toungse it has happened once while awake I have to force my self to stop it some times I have also saw demonic creatures and spirits as well so I know how you feel I hoe you find answers even if you don't quite know the question

You must be on some really good drugs

Hi name is Chrissy some reasons I get a lot of weird de javu and dreams more like it's not a dream I've seen myself look like I had a really big wings and last thing I see or flash back is yelling Michael.i don't know sounds crazy but I feel something just like the rest of you I can feel something big is gonna go down in the future and I've been very clairevoyant by reading this I know what you mean. I sound like I'm crazy but I feel something is gonna go down and it's gonna be a battle.if someone can help me tell me explain to me if I'm going crazy or I'm getting something big

Hello... If you are a reincarnate you don't need a psychic to tell you are more able to accept your memories then more info will come forth. My first spirit memory is awakening and being self aware, then at moment of awareness a bright light of explosion happened. In its mist I watched the galaxy form. There were others like me but they ran upon seeing the light. I was transfixed and in awe. I watched as this wave of light traveled the galaxy and beauty was created in its wake. This light changed the structure of what it passed through. As I watched transfixed. This light went through me. I was a blob..more like a jelly fish looking and dark. This light changed my composition and light weaved through me and became part of me. I was alone for a long time in the universe just floating around. I was fascinated with earth and watched it be born and grow.Then I heard awakening of consciousness and I followed it to was bacteria..little life forms..I was so happy to see life other than me. So I watched and I watched. I was curious about all the life being created. I wanted to know what it felt. So I started to enter the rocks,then the plants,then every animal , then last humans. Humans are the most difficult and the most for potential to create out of love. Humans that can creat life from their free will. Yet I'm saddened and angered by the violence and malice in some humans. There are also many other spirit creatures that I have seen. They have their own world but seem to like ours from time to time and come to visit.some get stuck and haunt ,others just reincarnate and experience the beauty of this existence . I have been to hell and heaven, taken many people to the gates of both. Here is a vision: I'm walking down a road , people to my right and left are riddled with hunger,illness and self evil.there is a person to my right and left walking with me. They both have silver hair and white glowing skin and pure light from their eyes. They spoke with the mind and it sounds like music of many instruments..gentle and loving.we reached a mountain and they each went further down to my right and left side. I reached the peak of the mountain and looked over a huge city in flames.all around me everything was in flames. Behind stood an army of people with silver hair. I looked down at my hand and I had a sword of flames. My feet was like burning cooper .i raised the sword and army spread across the earth. I turned to one of them and said I was going into the cities because other still left to get. Then instantly I was in a warehouse and people huddled in fear at the sight of me. I told them not to fear. I raised my hand to the heavens and it by one I crossed them over.then I closed the gate and continued my journey searching for stragglers that need to cross. Because at this time and place heaven was closed to those who die.
I remember all my reincarnation. I live and enjoy life,experience the beauty of love,happiness,hunger,pain,loss,good food,sickness. All these experience is part of spirit evolution. A big battle yes! But you cannot prepare or wait for it. Live and love it will come..but it will not be the end only forces humanity to change and rebuild. There will be many battles and many only ends when every soul graduates. But even then it does not end but is just the start of a new existence.

greetings my dear angel. I too feel as being one of the angels sent here to help mankind transfer to the new age that is coming. My past has been mindbendingly difficult aswell im 24 years old. Every thing in life happens for a great reason for your own development. i am a spiritual healer and i have many callings, i help lost souls transfer to light, i am a spiritual healer and work with archangels energies to help people. lately i have seen in my dreams a lot of .young and confused souls that need my affection and love. The worlds energies are shifting and it is natural for young people to feel as you do because you yourself are still going through very many changes. my suggestion to you is to start meditating. ( in a quiet and peaceful place, put some "new age ambient" music playing, sit down with your feet firmly on the ground, your hands (right one holding the left, palms facing upward) on your legs near your stomach, your spine straight and take 3 very deep breaths slowly ~7 seconds in and ~7seconds out, try to push your thoughts aside, concentrate on your breathing instead, ( just feel the air going in and out, if any thought or inner chatter comes just push it aside again) sit like that and practice to be a breathing rock ( rocks dont think they just are) if you do this correctly ( sometimes needs more practice) then you should get different colors or flashes of light swimming in front of your eyes, do not mind those, let them do their stuff (you are a rock) watch your breathing but try not to control or force it let it become a natural rythm that you observe instead of thinking. If you get past the colors then there can be some beautiful visuals/sceneries that you can admire and let go.) do this exercise daily. what this does is quieting your mind, your troublesome thoughts and emotions and kind of resets your thought process, allowing new and positive thoughts to take its place. peace and love my birdie, your brother in arms. Aires

Jesus said he will come and reveal himself to those whom his Father has called to be saved.John 14:21.

I too feel the same my name is Dana I felt like that since I was born again. to be honest people see me as a tall big African American teen who listen to hip-hop and dress a certain way but feel more connected to me. I can be with friends and people rather ask me for help and like me once I speak and smile at them. I smile a lot at people when I talk and that draws them to me they say it make them feel safe and comfortable and usually says it truly beautiful. but to get to the point I have dreams that not normal never had them as if I was in battle but could once been in. I had a dream that the heavens open in the sky and you could see the angels looking and moving around the golden streets and building I felt at peace like if I was from there I felt that I should tell my mother and as I ran and looked at my shadow my armor came to my body with my sword and I felt might and it all happen while I was running making pure white light flash continued. another was I was at a party my friends started to talk bad about god and the believer of the lord either gave in or didn't speak up but I did and flashes of white light arose and crosses appeared and I felt that the lord heard me stand for him in the morning (still in the dream) a African American man dressed in maybe a ups uniform but in all white with a beautiful smile gave me a rectangle box and said you'll know what to do when the time is right. in the box was just a long thick wood but as I walked around demons attacked me and my wood turned into a mighty sword that I instantly knew how to wield and I felt so powerful. in my real life I can look in to the stars and clouds and feel that I belong their not here and maybe I was here for a different reason I feel that am much more powerful than what I am in this human state. I was an great athlete at my size being a solid body moving fast as if I was small also being really strong but when I was young I never lifted weights and when I did I match those who lifted a lot. I never put it all together until very recently and listen to my feelings and reading the bible again and doing so it make me happy. if people can help me with these feelings please send me a message so we can talk because no one I know understand that .

Hi there,

I am a 34 year old and have been struggling with this as long as I can remember. I have always felt out of place, and like I was waiting on some sort of super power or something.

I have always had weird dreams about many things. I had a very young cousin once ask 'why do you shine so bright' lol, it was cute. I have had two psychics tell me I am a incarnation of an angel and I have been in this mortal form for some 88 life times anyway. I feel old and tired in a lot of ways but my light is still shining. What happened to me is somehow in those lifetimes I lost my connection Him and it is glorious to have realized that finally and to be getting that back. It has been years since I have heard His voice and I finally can again.

I know in my heart I have a much higher purpose then I am doing now and I am working on listening more. I missed that opportunity years ago and I won't again. When I was about 18 I had a calling to the church and I turned my back on it for a variety of reasons, politics being the huge one. I won't make that mistake again, I am listening this time!!

It does seem that more and more of us are awakening which tells me something big is most certainly coming. Now is the time for us to start making connections with each other, we will need each other in the days to come.

Hang in there and know there many, many more going through what you are. We will find strength in each other. Keep your light shining, the world needs it now.

Feel free to contact me anytime.


Hello Amy! my nick name is Linka i am the same age as you and i would like to contact you not here to speak more about the dreams, feelings ... since some last years i have quit real feelings having big wings (i can imagine how it sounds.....) .. can we contact over somehow else ?

I'm 51. I awakened about 3 years ago. It was painfully chaotic and it completely changed my life. In meditation I've learned so much. I was told I am an angel and my name is Araki'el. We are waking up because the great 3rd Ascension is coming soon. As an Angel, it's very hard to live in this realm because it's very hard to be away from the Creator / the Source / God (what ever you want to say). I feel cut off from pure love and can't find it here. Hang in there. Our return to the glory of our loving Creator is near. This world will Ascend and our task will be complete. After this ascension... the souls of man will be able to help themselves for the 4th ascension. We will be able to just remain in the peaceful harmonious love of the spirit realm.

Thank you for the response! It is so wonderful to know that other people are experiencing this. Finding joy in what 'normal people' find joy in is getting hard for me. I find my peace with my animals & in music music. It makes me heart sing & makes me truly happy. I desperately want to learn more....

I understand how it feels to be cut off, believe me I so understand. The feeling of weight, of fatigue is a ton to handle & I just can't explain it. People have told me well you are depressed or you have an anxiety disorder....well no is my answer. Stuff in this world seems trivial & small and I don't know how to make people see that.....

Those 3 people on that boat are a lot closer than you think. Your not alone sweetheart. Stay calm, and keep your eyes on the light. The end is near my love. Don't worry I'm right beside you.

Many human beings are incarnated Angelic beings. You have a "starbirth" that infinitely exists. That is the energy that animates YOUR PHYSICAL existance. This energy that you are experiencing is atually PSYCHIC ENERGY. Often, past-life memories and experiences unveils to guide your self through this physical exsistance or a particular stressful events you have to go through. Just remember to trust your heart.

Hi sweet heart,
My name is Daniella, I recently discovered from my mother who went to a psychic that I am a reincarnated Arch Angel, my Angelic name is Angelika. Emphasis on the 'K', or so says the psychic. From childhood when I went to sleep I was always afraid of the dark, as most children are; however I always saw "someone" guarding my bedroom door. And it made me feel safe.

Years later as a 19yrs old young adult I was involved in a car crash that anyone else would have died in. However, when I visited the other side, due to my month long coma, my two grandparents that have crossed over greeted me. Telling me that it wasn't my "time" and that I have much to teach others. Funny thing is, I'm 27 now and am working with children and trying to change things within the education system in Ontario Canada, as well as many other things...

I always had the oddest dreams as a child and at times will still experience questioning dreams where I feel as though I (my soul) literally crossed over in the mornings.

Message me if you feel open to holding a discussion regarding this.
Ciao 👼

Trust in God. He will educate and prepare to the fullest. The end is near my love!

Trust in God. He will educate and prepare to the fullest. The end is near my love!

Trust in God. He will educate and prepare to the fullest. The end is near my love!

The only angels on earth right now are the 144,000 elect angels/children of God that were chosen before the foundations of the earth. That will have the seal of God in there foreheads in the end of time, they are the lost 12 tribes of Israel, Gods first fruit in NEW JERUSALEM. The only angels that were born to help God spread his Word and receive a soul in order to be with God forever and ever. If you are an ELECT CHILD OF GOD/ELECT ANGEL keep it to yourself, for we are to spread the Word and tell people tp give praise to God, not us. We are here to fulfill his Duties we are his servants just like his spirits he created aswell in order to get a SOUL and live forever and ever..


It seems many of us are 'Awakening'.

When I was four, I had a memory of the angel me, I had died. (My soul had left my body and was in its true form.) An angelic man was stood before me, he said "Your mission isn't yet complete and you still had to battle in the fore coming fight."

I've always had the sensation of feeling wings on my back.

Two of my psychic friends, said I have a white, celestial aura. My first psychic friend said that my aura, is strange is it is too pure and white to be human.

I've had dreams of the others, (angels), and we were in a battle against the demons and some fallen ones.

One thing that runs through my mind is 'Weeping Maiden'.

Wow, same here. I have a glowing white aura also, I was actually told that I'm an arch angel who was sent here to assist others and teach them.

I think i've seen my aura. I have the gift of seeing auras and mine is white. And i've always thought it was weird because i would see colours around everyone else, especially when i focus on them completely. And when i looked looked up the white aura, it means that you're close to death. So that had me concerned a long time. But i'm glad that i'm not the only one who has a white aura.

Hello, I'm a reincarnated angel too, it seems there are a lot of people claiming these things now a days. I know I am for one I was always trying new and different beliefs since I was 16 now I'm 31. That's a long time, I had my wings phantom limbs sensation since I was in my late 20s. Growing up I didn't get along with most people, then I had a few years of being semi popular in high school. Then I became a recluse/loner after high school. Ever since I knew I was different that was in my late 20s. Before that I thought I was normal. That plus I always thought I was cursed with this life seeing all the bad and some good that came my way. I remember being told that I was doing something wrong when I was trying to help someone else or being told I was breaking the law when I was trying to protect my little brother from my Mom's ex I just stood between them. Whenever my mom and her ex would fight I would walk in the room and he would stop and look at me and leave. I went through some crap growing up. I've even had an interesting set of events that made me wonder why the ending result was as such. My father was abusive very abusive and then when finally something was done about it he got away with it legally then when I made up with about the past he told me that some weird stuff happened to him. A lot of bad stuff happened after what he did it sounded more than just karma it seemed like something got him for it. Well after a while I listed to me heart and I thought I was just a demon incarnation. I was a Satanist for a time and no they are not intertwined, but after my 1st encounter with Jehovah/God/Yahweh/El Sheddai/Elohim while I was a Satanist. I didn't change my beliefs then eventually I asked him upon my several encounters with him what my soul's origins were and he said eventually you are not a demon your a fallen angel. I asked him was it the second falling and he nodded. So now I know that is my soul's origins a Watcher/Grigori. So I've tried being a Dark Pagan after I left Satanism, but now I've decided to be Spiritual not religious. Because it would be odd to worship my Spiritual father or spiritual older brother Lucifer since we are all the same. buy I am Jehovah's friend despite my falling. I don't expect anyone to believe but this is my story.

Its weird ive been into stuff like this as
long as i can remember but what makes it weirder as soon as i read that deppresion could lead to skittafania (sorry about the spelling im dislexic) i looked it up and i fell into alot of the catagoris for but it just dident feel right then i started hearing voices saying create me then a bunch of images so i drew it down in a way i have never done before and the image looked like a demon and now today it came back and well it dident speak i dont know its the same thing but it done same so i drew the images down but it does look like a demon but an angel the only thing i know is somthinh isant right with me ive alwas done the right thing in like i mean i leteraly wont kill a fly. When all this happens i get pains behind my eye and it starts also the word hellbane shows up all the time if some one has any idea add it in another comment