Ok, time to vent.

I moved to Idaho 3-4 years ago involuntarily, my mom wanted I be with her grandmother, we moved here, I learned to like it, love it in fact... I've lived here for 3ish years now, I've made friends here, I even came out of the closet here, but now, I miss someone, someone I cared about, he decided his life was more important, I'm slowly recovering from the break up, trying to do everything I can to get my mind off of everything... My mom isn't happy here, but my grandmother, her mom, moved from California to Idaho to be with my mom, along with her she brought her 24 year old son, my uncle, he has completely taken over my room and is living with my mom rent free and he doesn't have a job, my mom is being emotionally broken down by her husband everyday, which is leading to physical pain, and her husband refuses to let her go to the doctors. Next thing is my little 8, 9 on Saturday, year old sister, a week ago, she was approximately 4 weeks away from developing cancer, that week we had removed all over her moles, and now she is back to normal, it was the scariest moment of my life. Tonight is my last night that I'm staying with my grandpa, I've been staying with him because my uncle, now school starts in less than 2 weeks, and I'm nervous for that, then tonight, I tried to have a conversation with my close friend, and she flipped out and started saying that I never talk to her anymore, and that's because I don't always have internet, so I can't, the she started saying that I'm selfish, and that I tried to commit suicide twice for selfish reasons, the reasons were to do with all the above... I was done seeing my mom suffer, and everyone yelled at me, blamed me, I thought it would be better if I were gone, my grandpa started yelling at me and physically abusing me... I'm just really done... I don't want to be the burden that I am to everyone, the only person keeping me alive right now is the one I love, I've loved him for a really long time, I really missed him, he is the only one keeping me alive right now, I love you.
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Aug 23, 2014