When I Lost Me

Recently I broke up with my partner of four years and thats when I discovered I didnt know who I was anymore. I was always to busy being a partner to a man who didnt love or respect me, and all I wanted to do was make him a happy person, and at the end I didnt know what made me happy anymore. Not only did I have to start out on my own again, I had to start me all over again... Since I began this gurney I have become a very happy and friendly person, I love who I am and totally respect myself.. I wont ever give that up, and I urge any one that has to gat back to them selves cos its a lovely feeling
Leith Leith
22-25, F
2 Responses Apr 15, 2007

The same thing happened to me too. When it was all over people would try to get me to hang out or say so what do you like to do? Honestly I couldn't even answer that. I had lost so much of myself in doing only the things he liked to do and pleasing him that I had forgotten all of my own interests! I have been single now for 5 months and I am starting to feel the old me coming back. Its a good feeling!

girl i know exactly how you feel ... i was in the same situation Foxy brown says something in one of her songs i hold dear to my heart " love thyself and no one above thee cause aint nobody gonna love me like me " If you ever need to talk hit me up ill support you sometimes i get weak to .