I Lost Myself But That B***** Is Back

  ive told this story so many times on here . My husband nearly had me to suicide ...and i  dont know what would have happened if i wouldnt have left when i did leave i weighed 82 lbs... thought i needed to lose weight and could barely speak to anyone with out my head down ...  he never physically touched me  just mentally screwed me up ..  i almost wish he would have hit me so i could have put him in jail and gotten a divorce ..  cause legal aid only works if you have a life threatening situation ...   but  ill never lose myself for a man again ... never no one will ever break me down again .. when i met Mark i was self sufficient .. and completely  independent on myself .. and he almost  squished it ...  but im back
starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
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1 Response May 21, 2007

Good for you I am glad you are standing strong! I feel like I lost myself in my last relationship. It really takes time to get that back. I am angry at myself for allowing it to happen. He just didn't accept me for who I was. From day one he started wanting to change things about me and that should of been a sign right there!