I Went Shopping For A New Car Freeballing!!!!

Another regular day Freeballing for me working out at the gym in the morning.

I usually start the day with working out in my white mesh short at the gym. I like working out in the morning. You feel fresh and full of energy. Anyone works out freeballing as well? What do you guys wear?

However, another exciting event that I did today was that i went shopping for a car freeballing as well.... New car, a smell of leather, and me being freeballing, let me tell you that i was very exciting!!!!

I have made a photo documentary of the event to be remember today. If you guys are interesting to view it, please go to my blog!

jockzzz jockzzz
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1 Response Dec 6, 2012

After a couple decades of not wearing underwear, not owning underwear, and not deciding each day if you should wear underwear, having your balls being comfortable ceases to be anything to comment about. Its just normal everyday comfort.