I Don't See The Point...

I've never heard nor imagined any good reason to use underwear on the lower body. It feels horrible and would be an unnecessary step when dressing or undressing, nevermind the extra expense / laundering / storage. I realized this when I was still a kid. In my early working career, I would try wearing them to avoid wet spots in the front of my pants, but it felt so annoying that I just couldn't do it. I learned to squeeze out good from the bottom and tuck the tip between my leg and adjacent appendage after peeing where it would remain briefly. Of course, that didn't stop the outline from being clearly discernable most of the time, but oh well. I figure if people want to see it they will look for it, and if not, then they won't. I don't think it's offensive and it doesn't embarrass me. Most people seem to want to look, just not get caught doing so. That's okay, my first priority is to feel comfortable; the fact that I'm somewhat on display is a secondary benefit. I do wear undershirts frequently, however. If you're using undies and considering not wearing them, try it for a week and then try to go back to using them. Expect the latter to be harder.
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The main "purpose" is because everyone else does. That has only been true since the 1930s when the new Hollywood film industry wanted stars to "undress" for sex without getting naked on screen. So the stars wore underwear. Between young mothers swooning over hot stars, and crass merchants advertising useless products to gullible mothers, within a generation every kid had always worn underwear.

Its non-green, wastes energy and land, expensive, useless, and stupid.

Agreed! It surprises me that more people don't see it.