I Don't Know Why People Think This. I Never Put My Best Foot Forward

at least I wasn't trying to.

I might be hyper romantic.
I might be over the top sweet.
I might be less sex driven
I might be more love driven
I might be more accepting
I might be more compassionate
I might care about people more
I might be more empathetic.


I'm messy. I'm so damn messy i've gotten so lost in my thoughts i've had to smash bugs and clean my house in a panic at the size of those little suckers... I've come home to ant swarms and had to spray them dead and clean my house in a fevered panic-and it took hours. I let go so heavily that you wouldn't believe and I don't mind being prompted but I'm a mess without you We might have to hire a maid Love.

I have baggage and I'm getting over the past. I loved many and indiscriminately and only in recent years have I gotten picky. I might have a vague profile i'm looking for but it's not a whole lot of people who can love like that that trust me. I am calling for a higher ideal

You're not my angel and I never expected you to be. I want to see the softer side. I want to see what your scared to admit and love you in the places you've torn yourself up and beat yourself over the head for.. I want to love you where others left those scars and help to heal them and I don't expect perfection-if anything I expect you to fall off the pedastal you think i've placed you on

I expect flaws. I expect imperfection I expect to accept it all.


ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
31-35, M
Sep 24, 2012