Seeing all these posts about woman being 'spanked' really creeps me out!

I know most of you are pro-spanking however until a few weeks ago I didn't know spanking a grown woman even existed.

Now I have spoke to ppl around me about this subjuct and we all think its weird and creepy and to honest boarder line pervy!

I do not have grown children yet however, I myself being a grown woman could not imagin that happening... Getting a spanking from my father as an adult.

I wonder if ppl who spank thier adult children were spanked as an adult by thier parents? Or is this a cult thing or maybe a religion?

Anyways its completely out of line in my oppinion but I have come to the conclusion it might simply be a different culture?

Here in Canada or in England (where my father was born) we dob't spank adults as a method as deciplin.

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2 Responses Aug 26, 2014

I agree, I have not desire to actually spank my wife, a smack during playtime is a different story! ;)
I grew up in a religious home and I've known men who spanked their wives for disobedience or whatever. That always has pissed me off!

I tend to agree with you. I think spanking kids past the age 9 or 10 is a waste of time, there are other ways to disaplin kids.

As far as adult spanking, I'm not quite sure I get that unless you're into violence.