I Don't Fall In Love Easily

If you have ever heard the saying lets take this slow then that is how I have always been. I Have been in love before but I am 37 years old and I can honestly say that after one marriage and many relationships I have probably only truly been in love twice. I don't believe in love at first sight I can't speak for everyone but I believe love is something that developes over time. Anything you feel that is that sudden I chalk up to as being lust. Some people act like they are in love just because they have sex with someone. It is only human that we still have needs but come on! Can you honestly say you were in love with everyone you have ever been intimate with? I know women who swear they have never had sex with someone they were not in love with. Lets be realistic here ladies! Love is to me being able to clean up someones vomit if they are sick, making sacrifices to be with them, feeling truly sick if you can't be with them, Being willing to move mountains to keep the relationship alive! Feelings like this don't just happen because he looks good in his jeans or He is good in bed because you shared a few nights of passion! Know the difference between love and lust.

cmost cmost
36-40, F
Feb 8, 2007