I Don't Fear Dying At All........

I don't fear dying at all, just the way that I die.  Being schizophrenic, I have visions of terrible deaths and it sometimes worries me that these may be past life deaths.  I have to tell you that I want to live forever and ever, but know this is impossible, so I hope that i will die peacefully in my sleep when i am a very old lady.  My next door neighbor died the other day, hr was eighty seven and passed away peacefully in his sleep.  His wife had died twenty years before and he missed her like crazy, so i hope they are reunited at last, he was such a nice old man and used to get tears in his eyes when he spoke about his wife......Anyway heres to peaceful deaths and happy, full lives.
GemmaRavenBird GemmaRavenBird
41-45, F
1 Response Aug 14, 2010

i dont like to hear anything about death <br />
it just scarry