I Dont Think Ill Be Here That Long So Gota Live It Up.

in 22 years iv done more than most people at 80. I have seen the world. been in a plane crash. blown up buildings and been in fights been stabbed shot and burned. I have broken almost every bone in my body and so so much more. Drugs been there done that and ODed build buildings and houses and cars and motorcycles, Cars that have more power than they can handle. I have eaten dinner with a sultan and been around mobsters and seen people be tortured and killed. But now im tired, im broken and im weak i have arthritis alamost every joint two crushed vertiba and my lowest is severed . In the past year i developed a form of cellular vascular narcosis that spread from my hip down my leg up my pelvis and into mussels, tendons, blood vessels and nerves. Had to have emergency surgery 6 months ago to remove all dead tissue rerought the femoral artery and cut away lots of dead bone, I feel tired and week. really really thin, Shortly after my love of 7 years left me to find herself. (or so she said), My bodys taken a toll from it all and i need to go in for a hip replacemnt in about a month to repair the bone thay had to remove from my first surgery, Iv decided i dont think i will be here all that long maybe 20 years at my best so its time to hit life hard fast and enjoy it while i can, Find a lady to love. gett on my old harley and drive across country again. Take my 28 ford and do the great race st louis to paris. Spent another few years on the beach in the bahamas drinking my tequla, gin, long island, and magaretas then getiing on my boat and sailing across the world finding hurricane and sailing head long into them. (there is nothing more exciteing than sailing in a hurricane. smoking as many cigars as i can and puffing away on my pipe the whole time. Hopefully ill find a lady with a tast of adventure who wants to live it up be there with me though the whole thing with a cigarette between two fingers and a stiff drink in her hand. when it comes time fore me to die ill meet death with my saber in my hand roaring down a road on my old hog with the lighnig bolts cracking around and my laughter sendinging shivers down satins spine. (of corce not litteraly but you get the idea) ;)
Woodman1928 Woodman1928
May 8, 2012