Wonder Death

Once upon a time in foothills of himalayas,a sage came to be popular because of his wisdom and serenity..
One fine morning a person vistied his hut and asked him- O Wise man ! I am lively,full of smiles,why you look serious almost all the time? Why you never seem to shout and dance ? Is this because you are scared of death ? Why you seem to avoid the fact that life is best teacher that makes you practical and perfect, but you dwell in such Pathetic hut ? Answer me please and quench thirst of my curiousity.....
Sage- I may not be able to answer you now but by reading your face I am sorry to say that you will die in six days. I should have told you yesterday because if you count from today,you have five days left.
By the way you can join me for lunch and we will discuss some beauties of life and try to decipher answers of your questions...
The man got up with legs shaking,barely he can manage to stand,said-- No dear sage ! I am not in condition to sit here for long.
Saying this, he went home and asked his wife to make list of persons with whom he owe an apology. He wants to make up things that went upside down because of his shrewedness. He made all apologies and started helping people same day by every means. His mind was preoccuppied with thoughts of his death, mind which had no room for jealousy,cruelty and quarrels. He told about his death to his family and relatives. People began to visit him. Fifth day near to sunset, he turned pale. Suddenly, the sage visited him and asked him - Tell me dear ! In all these five days,have you ever had a single thought of violence,jealousy and anger?
The man on deathbed laughed and said- You are making fun of me when I am dying. Well ! There was no space between me and my death to let fit in all these emotions..
The wise man smiled and said- Get up son ! Your time is not yet. You have a long life to lead. I lied about your death to show you that 'Death' is the best teacher you can have. It has to come now or sometime later. Trust on this teacher and you shall have ceremony in life as well as death.
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A rich life celebrates life and also death,death is compassion in the ultimate sense