I Had A Ndf Experience In 1972

The reason I do not fear dying is because in 1972 I had a D & C and was sent home to rest and re cooperate. I was married to a very abusive man at the time and my two sons were 6 and 7 years old. We lived upstairs and as nobody was there to help me, I found I had to keep going up and down the stairs.

I started to bleed very badly and was losing a lot of blood. I remember just feeling myself going numb. When I woke up I was in a hospital bed watching myself leave the room while I was in the bed. That is how it looked to me.

I saw myself go down the hall to the ER and saw some of the patients there. Then I remember going to my apartment and checking in on my two sons. From there I was walking up a hill and noticed that the sky was a bright blue, no clouds and the grass on the either side of the path was golden like in the summertime. A man with a cowboy hat came down the hill and took my hand. I could not see his face.

We walked up the rest of the hill together and at the top of it I looked down into a beautiful valley. People were dressed in white and dancing in a circle and it looked like they were having a picnic or a party. I really wanted to go down and join them.
But I thought about my two sons and their alcoholic father. I realized I had to go back even though I would have liked to have stayed.

When I came back it felt like I landed in my body with a thud. I was being wrapped in ice to bring down my fever so I could be given a blood transfusion.

I have risked my life several times since then and actually kind of look forward to passing over and returning to that beautiful place.
SherryBurnett SherryBurnett
Nov 30, 2012