My Ode Entitled 'death And Taxes'

Death AND Taxes
Death and taxes, both a certainty
Or so the powers that be
Would lead you to believe
But you can view both differently

Because death isn't death at all
Just a vacation of a physical body
The spirit world is around permanently
Though stolen from us over century's

And takes paid to a monarch who
Has not rights to the British throne
This is why the old crone
Needed Diana to get one born

Because Diana was a Spencer
And the Spencer's were Stuart s too
The only way the Germans could do
Could get a legitimate air: True

Diana was so caring: Truly amazing
And throughout the world was feted
But her end was also fated
The blue bloods do merit hating

And about the theme to my poetry
Simple: Nothing is ever what it seems
And just propaganda on the BBC
You don't succeed in this world unless
You do the bidding of the powers that be

So if anyone in your life has died
Take comfort, hey are half way to the next life
And in-between, they are not dead at all
To people in the west: Sounds mental

Though ask someone from the east
Or from the west and a spiritualist
They will give you the same answer as me
None of us die ever: Permanently
(save for a nuclear world war three)

Why do you think people in Asia
Build spirit houses for their families
In the spirit world to foster peace
you don't get that in the west's bogus reality

Freemen on the land also step aside
Her Majesty's laws they try to astride
Death and taxes, both far from certain
One bogus, the other no final curtain

peace xxx
41-45, M
1 Response Dec 16, 2012

I'm not scared of death, either. It's so nice to share in such sentiments! Hugs!!!