The End Of Living In Fear

All I have felt in this life is pain. I finally fell in love with a man and gave him my whole heart. He repaid me with betrayal.

Is there really such a thing as love? Do people really experience it? Or is it just a vehicle for people to get at you and f--- you over?

How do you go on when the person you had so much love and trust throws you away like garbage?
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4 Responses Jan 17, 2013

I notice that usually when people fall in love and make a committed relationship out of it one or both get at least a broken heart out of it. Or worse.

Love itself is perfect. We people experiencing it are not. By the time all the baggage gets piled on from both parties, the relationship, more often than not, fails. Hope is at the beginning of every romantic relationship but it seems most of us carry along enough baggage, that when combined, will bring down the great majority of our romantic relationships.

You have been unlucky with this relationship,you were vulnerable as a lot of us are who have been deprived of love in our childhood and are forever looking for it and sometime,sadly in the wrong places.But this need not always be so,do not lose heart,do not be discouraged.Take care.

Well there are people that do not have a heart but dont let them stop you from meeting new people and trying again.