What Is The Point?

what is the point of continuing to live if there is nothing in this place that has any meaning?

all that seems to happen is people pile more hurt and pain on you looking for your breaking point. but you try to get out and there is no way with out even more pain and misery.

Please god help me to get out of here. send someone to help me.
antina9056 antina9056
36-40, F
4 Responses Jan 18, 2013

maybe there is someone out there just praying to meet you.... to wrap his entire being around you. To share his soul with your soul. To dive into the pool of your being. To hang on your every word. To live to see your smile.......

Maybe you are the key to their happiness.

that is a nice thought. thank you

no reason that I am not correct..... put yourself out there a little. i bet you have a LOT to offer.

You are a good person, I bet you have your choice of women

LOL. No. Women are smarter than that..... they would never lower themselves to my level.

I think you are selling yourself short. You should try taking your own advice.

Naw... i knowi am blaa. But every girl has some beauty

you are not blah. you seem kind. it is hard to see your own worth. I know that as well as anyone.

I guess we will just have to agree to disagree.

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Unffortunately, we have to make up our own meanings if there is going to be any

You need to talk to someone about what you feel please find a good cousellor,it is very important,you could also be suffering with depression,see your doctor about it he or she could also recommend a counsellor for you.Take care.

You have to pursue the meaning to life, never give up when obstacles are heading your way and ultimately reach for your happiness without having to hurt others in the process.

The strength to keep on going will be the perseverance to not let you give up on life and yourself. Only you have the strength and courage to move forward and not let negative feelings and outcomes hold you back from achieving success.

An success for you can mean anything you ever want it to, be safe.