I don't know when it started but I have lost my fear of death and almost at times welcome it to try and take me. I know no logical reason why any person would fear something that you have no real say over and cannot stop. It is as silly as fearing your own birth. I am not suicidal and have no sympathy for anyone who kills himself or herself. I just lack any real fear of the act of death and view it as the eb and flow, the yin and yang, just the balance of all things.
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I must agree with you and others that it is a very mature and realistic outlook on death, but I guess the one thing that concerns me is, dying without relevance. Did I do anything that would help someone else? Did I paint a picture big enough to impact others, (not to be confused with fame) maybe a good example would be "pay it forward". Or did my existence merely reflect the lifespan of a fly? So I guess my fear would amount to being dead in life.

That is a good outlook on death. The thing I fear of Death is leaving behind everyone I love so much and maybe not getting to see their beautiful faces until they too pass away.Peace,J

Without death there can not be life.

Thats an interesting perspective to look at things from! I agree with you completely.