Why sould i fear something what will come? I cant stop the death, nobody does... So, why fear it when its sure going to happen? Why should i fear it when its a part of life? Why fear it when its the gate to another life? Why?

I dont fear it... Its not worth fearing it, not worth spending the time because of something you just cant stop...

Death will come one day for me too... What should i do now? Sit and cry because im going to die? Or just spending the time im alive with doing something people will remember me for...

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you are correct when you say it is gate to another life
believe me or not -but in my dream i went over to the next world saw my long dead relatives
it is a good nice peaceful place full of love

i wish that as children we were taught that death is a passage unto life and would have a respect for death, in that we would be reminded to truly live here every moment and that death takes us back to life, where we came from. when we come to earth it is death to the life we experienced before and when we die here it is life again on another plane.hence we are always alive. we just take a different form when we live here.i used to fear death and even felt robbed when someone i loved died, but i try to remember where that loved one is and then i don't grieve.