I'm not scared of death, it's my bestfriend.
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I am thankful for all that I have but am tired of life.

Sweety what happened?

Suicide attempt

Why what happened?

When you live a life of rapes, sexual abuse, no love or support from your family, being homeless and deaths blamed on you, you will understand.

Oh my gosh you have suffered through so much at a young age. I do understand suicide because I myself am lost in this world and want to be free

Is this your first attempt?

No, I had my first attempt at 9yrs old.

Were you abused since then? And how'd did you attempt suicide. I am sorry if my questions bring back bad memories, if you don't want to answer them then it is fine.

No, my first abuse was at 14.
My dad committed suicide, so I did the same thing and fail.

That must have been very depressing. Who was the person abusing you?

Don't want to say anymore on a social network

It is alright. I hope you feel better. And please don't attempt suicide again. I know it is ironic of me saying it, but one day you will be glad that you are living.

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