So originally I was planning to do my little scheme on the 28th but I want sooner :c what do you guys think?
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Oh good grief. Hilarious.

You are so beautiful! Look at your hair alone, all flaming red (smh) I'm bald ok. Have alopecia/ if I had your hair half of my problems will be solved. Believe me you don't want to make a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Ur darling. That pout. :)

After that you will still have your whole life ahead of you. I don't fear death either; but I respect what it is. I'm here now and I will live out my life accordingly with strength and dignity. Because I don't fear life.
Do you fear life? (Looks like it to me) If not why do you want to die?

Planning what exactly?

Starvation then suicide

That's probably a bad idea.

To me it sounds pretty good.

How come?

Because I hate my life.

So does everybody. What do you hate about it?

Just to name a, My choices, My dependency, my face, my weight, my body type, my personality. Pretty much everything...

Okay here's my take. so first of all, school ends. Secondly we're teenagers, which means that we don't have to have ourselves figured out 100%, it doesn't end here and we still have heaps of time to make the right choices. Also if things like your weight are really affecting your quality of life, then what you need to do is just start eating right and exercising, we both know starving yourself is just going to make things worse. Btw personally I think you're gorgeous.

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