Fear of death vs fear of pain? I think reason pepole fear death is often because of the pain that comes along with it rather than actually being dead. All short of terminal illness, sudden illness, accidents, choose of suidice methods.

Fear of death vs time? Another reason why pepole fear death is not if it happens but when. Nobody knows when they are going to die. But oldest confirmed death of individual is ca 123 old for woman and for man ca 116 years and thus as i´m man 28 years old so. We should never say never but I don't think this longitive records will surpassed. Thus we can assume that nobody will ever live past his/her 125th birth day. Thus in my case I know that I will not be alive 97th years, given that i'm 28 year old now and since im man I might be dead only after 88 years max. The time between then and now is the big question mark. When will it happen, how will it happen and what will go on in our life until then that is the big problem.

Thus death can come at unvanted time or/and by unvanted means, thus pepole fear death or more correctly they fear the process of dying rather than being dead.
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Death can be quick and painless, but pain is obviously painful and could have a lasting affect. I totally agree