I have been with many people when they died. As a nurse I have always tried to sit with a person if they were alone when death was near. My wife and I sat with my father as he passed away. I would often tell them that they were tired. That it was ok to rest. Always talking to them and reasuring them. In my experience death is very peacefull. The expression on the face one of complete relaxation and peace. I have no fear of dying. It is natural nothing to be feared.
Please believe me . This is not just my view, it would be confirmed by my colleagues. This is apparent when talking amongst ourselves. We are effected by every person who passes away often shedding a tear. Student nurses and newley qualified are always asked , at thier choice, if they would like to sit in with us. If they do , they always say thankyou. They are suprised how peacfull the final passing is.
I hope this helps .
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As a young nurse with little experience, I asked a teacher how she dealt with being around death, her answer still helps me to this day. She told me she felt it is an honor to be with someone as they pass. To think of all they have experienced in life, all they came to know. Sharing that with another is a deep connection that you will not forgot. Those you cared for are always watching over you.

Thank you for sharing. ..That would be a perfect way to die.

Death is not something to fear.

This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing these experiences and comforting thoughts.