I am tired. There is nothing to look forward to. I have succeeded at a great deal of goals but the really important ones I have failed at. I am tired
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Then think. The world is full of possibilities. All you have to do is let them happen. If you are always pushing toward a goal, you will let many other possibilities pass by. Step back and let life happen.

Thank u for that comment. I have never thought of things like that.I am in a constant state of competition and comparison I think that is part of the problem. I have never just lived

I understand. I was the same way. It wasn't a sudden revelation, but over time I realized that continual pushing along a path toward a specific goal must become obsessive. The obsession not only put blinders on me, but, since no plan is perfect, it set me up for at least some failure. I now keep my eyes and mind open to possibilities so when they occur I am prepared to take advantage of them. This method means I can enjoy myself while I learn and stay observant.

It also gives me time to be philosophical. LOL