My ex had a gun when I went over to his house. He pointed it straight at me when I walked in. I saw him put one bullet into the revolver. We went upstairs and talked a bit, still waving the gun around. I turned away, and when I turned back, it was pointed in my face. "Do you live? *click* or do you die? *click*" he laughed and kept messing around. Three accidental clicks later and still no bullet, I closed my eyes and waited. *click*
I didn't flinch at any of them.
Then he showed me it was fake. It was a CO2 gun, BBs go inside of things that look and feel like actual bullets...
I thought it was real, and didn't flinch a bit.
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You need help to be around a person like that.

No kidding... It's for necessity. And he's gotten better. This happened a few months ago and we talked about it.

Wow he needs help

Tell me about it... Ha.

Ouch. Are you ok?

I'm fine, thank you.

Ok. Just making sure. And this is both mentally and physically yes?

Yes. It was fake.