When some one aims a gun at your head

It reminds me of a mission on gta
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I am not going to start an argument, but I am surprised you do not fear death. When some one aims a gun at your head, when they shoot, and after you die, where do you think you'll end up? Hell? Heaven? Or enteral blackness? That is why people should fear death, I am a believer, I do not fear death as I know when I die, I see enteral light and life. I am not trying to invade your private life or cause an argument over religious things.

Good point

Can u shoot me?

I go hunting but I can't shoot you it's illegal

I'd imagine a first person view would probably be more authentic.

No for real I have had one to my head but there was no bullets in it but it just remained me of gta

Sounds like you need to work on the whole star rating thing then.

Wish I had gta 5 I have 4

I have got 5 it's mint but once it's completed it's quite ****

I feel gta 4 has a better storyline

Yea it was soo funny I went to the police station with the vehicle impound the police station you can enter and I bombed it and a body flew out of the building and landed on my tank lol

Looking up ways to go get gta v free

How old are you


Then why don't you go buy it lol go to a CEX shop they sell the game

I kinda live in the outskirts of a city so we have one store and they sold out or I drive 80 miles

You can go online or go into the shop and they will order one into the shop for you free of charge

They're a family owned center they have the games they already have they can't get new ones either....online not so good I have to pay more for shipping

Have you tried eBay they sometimes have free deliverys

Hmmmmm ill try that but my credit card is coming a week from now

You can go into your bank and say you shop online and say you want to be more secure online they give you this thing it looks like a little pocket calculator and it secures your card online


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