Heh No..

im not afraid of death..

why should i be?

i know life will continue in a better place ..

amysangels amysangels
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Thank you, Andrew. That was just what I meant.

yeah understand..im afraid of that too...im afraid of cars n motorbikes and some other things..but death himself i dont afraid..but yeah understand now


I agree. As someone else has indicated, it is the lead up to death that is not good, if it lasts a long time and is very painful

heh no worries...<br />

I'm happy to hear it. I was concerned. <br />

hey i dont say life is not good......i just say im not afraid of death and i believe in heaven thats why

I am not as certain as to what is beyond life on earth. So, I do not necessarily fear death itself, but the alternative. I'm sorry if your thinking this way due to your pain and anguish. <br />
Paco35 :/



main part before?what u mean?u mean how u die i guess..hmm

Totally agree with you. It's not death I fear, I mean, when you're dead you won't be in pain anymore or have to worry about paying bills or work or anything. It's the pain part before the death that I'm not looking forward to >>