The Cave

Aey stood outside the entrance to a dark cave set in the hillside. Beyond the entrance the cave delved deep into the earth and nothing could be seen. Bee, walking down the same path came upon Aey, who stood scratching his head and peering into the blackness.

"Hey there! What's so interesting?" Bee asked, standing next to him and looking at the cave himself.

"This cave." Aey replied. "I wonder what's inside."

"Why would you want to know that?"

Aey turned to Bee excitedly. "Well what if it's something cool like treasure?"

"I'm pretty sure it's monsters down there."

"Monsters!? How do you know?"

"I just know ok?" Bee said, glancing away.

"You may be right I suppose..." Aey looked back at the cave thoughtfully until he remembered something. Reaching into his pocket he revealed a flashlight.

"What's that for?" Bee asked.

"I'm going to shine it in there and see what's inside." Aey said with a hint of triumph in his voice.

"But the monsters could get angry!" Bee protested.

Aey seemed put off for a second before replying. "Well... I'll shine it in a little bit at a time just to be safe."

"NO! Don't!" Bee exclaimed, grabbing for the flashlight but Aey swiftly pulled it out of reach. "We shouldn't go provoking the monsters! We're perfectly safe out here. We don't need to know what's inside."

Aey shrugged off Bee and started for the cave. "Listen, you can stay here if you want. I'm going inside."

Aey stepped into the cave. The flashlight only revealed a small circle of light in front of him. He swept it around and didn't see anything right away but the cave kept going deeper.

Turning around Aey called back to Bee "I don't see anything yet. This cave looks like it goes further though."

Bee stood away from the entrance and called back. "The monsters are probably further in. You should stop and come out now."

Aey ignored the warning. "I'm going further in." Aey boldly stepped deeper into the cave.

Minutes later Aey's light could no longer be seen from the entrance. Bee cautiously stepped closer to the caves mouth and could still hear Aey's footsteps echoing back to him. Then came a crash and a yelp from Aey.

"Ah! Aey! The monsters got him!" Bee sobbed.

Aey's voice echoed out of the cave a moment later. "I'm fine. I just bumped my knee."

Bee wrung his hands. "See! It's not safe in there. Come out and we can board up this cave so no one else can get hurt."

Aey merely brushed himself off and kept going. "It's just a scratch. I'm going to keep going."

For long minutes Bee stood worrying at the entrance until Aey finally returned with a wide grin on his face. In his hand he held something shiny. It was a handful of gold coins. He handed them to Bee who took them, astonished.

"I found treasure!" Aey said with glee. "You can have that."

"Wow! This is amazing. I love it, thank you." Bee said, still collecting himself and thinking of all the useful things he could do with the gold.

"The cave keeps going too. I'm gunna go back and see if there's more."

Bee spoke up however. "You don't have to. We can just take this treasure and not bother the monsters."

"But what if there's more treasure?"

"No! There's monsters." Bee said, angry.

"I didn't see any signs of monsters in there." Aey replied.

"Well you can't say there isn't monsters until you've seen the whole cave. They could be hiding further in."

"Well then I'll go see." Aey said, turning to go back in.

"No! You don't get it. If you find the monsters they'll eat you, and then they'll come out and eat me too! We can't risk it."

"But we don't even know if there -is- monsters down there." Aey said, rolling his eyes.

Bee made a lunge and grabbed the flashlight from Aeys hands. "No! I'm taking this away so you can't go back in."

"Come on Bee, give it back..."

"No! I'll not have you risking this anymore. What you brought back is plenty. This is good."

"But there could be more of that if you'd just let me keep going."

Bee simply turned and walked away. Taking the flashlight and the gold with him. Back in the town Bee spoke with the others. Telling them about the cave.

"There's monsters in that cave I just know it!"

"But what of that gold you have there?" An elderly man asked him.

"This is all the gold that was in the cave. There is no more. If there is, the monsters have it and I don't want to get eaten just for some more gold." The group again turned to one another and nodded.

In the weeks to follow, Bee spent his gold. He fixed up his house. Expanded his farm. Even paid for medicine when his child became ill. He became prosperous because of the gold, but it quickly ran out. Pondering how much better his life had gotten since the gold, he decided the cave might just need a little more exploring. So he went to visit Aey.

He talked to Aey and told him of all the benefits the gold had brought the town and congratulated him on his find.

"But there is a problem. Now we need more gold. I know there are monsters in that cave but we must take just a little risk and get more." He handed Aey the flashlight who took it and nodded. "But you must promise me once you find some more gold, you'll stop and come back."

Aey again nodded and agreed. He left the town and visited the cave. Returning late that same day with a small bag containing even more gold coins than the last find.

"Excellent work Aey!" Bee exclaimed, taking the gold and the flashlight. "With this the town will grow even more prosperous, all thanks to you." Aey smiled a weak smile and Bee bid his farewells and left.

Bee spent the gold. His farm grew larger as he bought up neighbouring farms. His house, grander. His children went to the best schools. His wife wore only the finest clothes. Bee was the wealthiest man in the town.

One day however, as Bee walked into town he noticed other people with gold coins. Coming into the centre of town he saw Aey there, with a large sack of coins, distributing them to the various townsfolk who took the gifts graciously. Bee was dumbstruck. Now he would no longer be the richest man in the town. Not with Aey giving away all the precious gold. He quickly grabbed Aey and brought him to the side.

"What are you doing!" Bee asked

"I went back to the cave. I found more gold and I wanted to share it with everyone."

"You can't do that Aey! You could have set the monsters on all of us!"

"Bee!" Aey said exasperated. "There are no monsters. I didn't see a single sign of them in there."

Bee became furious and stalked away. He gathered the townsfolk together and stood before them. "Aey here is doing dangerous work in that cave. He risks everyone's safety for that gold. The only way to ensure the monsters do not rise up and eat us all, is to put a stop to the exploration of that cave. I suggest we find all these flashlights and destroy them. They will bring nothing but trouble. It's only a matter of time."

The people, fearing their own safety agreed and that day all the flashlights in the town were gathered up and crushed. They went to the cave and boarded it up. Placing a sign upon it warning of monsters inside. Although the cave had delivered them riches, they decided it was too risky to explore it's dark depths and so thought it better to live not knowing.

Aey however never forgot. He always stared out his window wondering... just how much treasure was still left to find in that cave.
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It's a nice story. :3
You should try to be a writer. ^_^

enoyed reading it..