Who Is Beautiful?

she is

she is

she is

ballerines also are beautiful

they are beautiful...

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thanks for all comments..i ll think what u said..<br />
and mother idk if the pics are real or fake..

To me its the beauty of the mind and of the soul that really counts. I myself am not the best looking guy but I know that I am beautiful. I have a mind that sees things dfferently than most and heart that has felt so much love but also so much pain. Everyone has something wrong with them and everyone tries to be something than what they are. The media and general populace define what is beautiful to most, however I find beauty in other things. the most beautiful thing in the world is when a person is true to there heart. When they dont compromise who they are or what they want to be based on what others think. Someone who has been broken messed up been through hell and still has the courage to continue with life. That is true beauty to me!

Hi amysangels<br />
Beauty is ephemeral yet is timeless. Beauty is in a smile not a mouth although that can be beautiful. Beauty is hard to define but you know it when you feel it. Like a flower in a surprising place. Like a rainbow after the rain. Beauty is not a perfect day although it can be beautiful. Beauty certainly is not a perfect garden is it? In fact there is an ugliness about perfection. Beauty is despite problems and in contrast to Life's difficulties. To be beautiful is to be human. To be human is to experience good and bad. You are very beautiful. It is not just about how you feel nowl. You must listen to your friends so you see. Look closer my friend. Do not miss your beauty. It shines out of you for all to see.<br />


i know , i like her stories too..

i know others are beautiful..

hmm idk....there are girls who say how beautiful they are..

sf..its not how others see me ..its how i see myself..

heh u r best marji :)<br />
love u*hugs

i know what is true beauty about others..its not same for me though

thanks... isnt what others think bout me..its how i feel mostly..

you are always beautiful to those who love you.