Poem From The Heart

Beauty is what's inside
Not the skin I tell myself that all the time but yet I don't feel a thing I look in the mirror when I'm alone and my eyes start to cry I see my ugly face and say your ugly i tell myself it's better to admit it then go on and lie. She's so beautiful why I can't I be like you she perfect my I'm just a penny while she's a dime
I think . I'm too skinny I hate it my nose is big it's gross my teeth ate ugly my lips to big it's not society that made me like this it's a front camera the way it hits all my blemishes what I see when I look in it ugly comes to my mind its on my face I try to trick the camera by moving it farther away butt I still see so in my eyes there's the sad that I hide the ugly that I walk around with pride ugly is a 4 letter word like love and hate but ugly means a lot more only 1 person has called me ugly it stuck to me like glue I cover the ugly with makeup and now I look like a ugly ***** I'm over it. I say until now immoral ugly an I'm not beautiful i must accept it and one day you'll see me on tv and say that's her yeaa my face isn't perfect I dislike it alot I have blemishes on me yeaa so. Call a girl ugly and it sticks to her one persone ruined my image on myself thanks<3
Like alixox say its ok to fall down the real test in life is how you get back up ....
Alixox Alixox
13-15, F
Dec 13, 2012