For the Most Part......

Going to "Normal" places alone isn't a problem.  The places I really want to go to I know I should go with someone else.  I love to explore old buildings, out of the way ghost towns, and places that if something bad happened no one would know I was there until....... well you get the picture.  So going alone to places like that I always try to buddy up with someone.

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3 Responses Jun 10, 2009

I went into an old flour mill as a kid, it was really cool place to explore until the sun went behind some clouds then it got really dark in the place. All those loose boards and holes in the floor were hard to see when I was trying to get back out. Nope I don't go alone anymore.

Yeah - I think it is TOO creepy to go some where haunted without a mate ... real creepy.

I have a brand new Passport that I want to use someday to travel.