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My fiance is currently a few states away. He'll be moving here soon, but for the time being I'm alone with my family. The most bizzare thing happened. We have a couple who have been distant friends of ours for a short time. They lived where my fiance is now. Around the same time I moved (due to work), the husband of the other couple joined the military and was stationed at a base a couple of hours from me. We're both several states away from our other halves.

We were never that close, but given the odd situation we all began talking more. His wife is moving here just a couple of weeks after my fiance.

Anyways, we'd talked about getting together some time before they came in. It was completely innocent, friends going to a movie. Also, neither of us wanted to be alone on Valentines weekend. So, he drove here and got a hotel. Everything went as planned until we went to watch movies in his room. We'd talked about friendly cuddling since it had been months since either of us had been with our spouses. One thing lead to another and I didn't end up going home.

I don't regret what happened, but I still love my fiance and he still loves his wife. It's a very strange situation. There are things lacking in both of our relationships that we've just given up hope on...but some how are able to give these things to each other. In a way, we complete each others broken relationships.

We're meeting again this weeked. This time I'm driving to stay in a hotel near him. I am nervous about getting caught. I don't want to ruin either of our relationships, especially with both of them moving so far away from their families to be here with us. But at the same time I want to be with him at least one more time so bad that it hurts.

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If you want this to openly continue. Suggest the ********* idea with you boyfriend to have a second girl in bed with you and your fiance. After he agrees, suggest that you would like to bring another man as well into the bedroom. That way you'll be able to keep and have your boy toy whenever you want.


youre just horny and bored. hit up some ****. or deal with the consequences if u get caught. adrenilin rushes can be found in better forms than cheating. marriage is annoyingly permanent, think about it.

Well, its ended if that helps at all. We did meet again but my fiance will be here soon and our schedules just don't mesh. He lives too far and everything is just too complicated. It hurts that I can't have him but I'm trying not to dwell on it, I've shed enough tears over the last day.<br />
<br />
I guess its just about moving on, letting go, and digging a deep grave to put it all in now *sigh*

Haha, Mosaic. I've never been one to scream names so I'm safe there...and you're all right. I can't get married right now, I'm scared as hell about it. My fiance has agreed that we should wait at least a year before even starting to plan the wedding.

Probably the best decision of your life

You should seriously think about not getting married right now.

You will, and can bury the secret after your fiance is home, and the other guy's wife is back. Let your lover know it is a secret and you've had your fun. Sounds like your lover wants more of you, than you do. Sure, you can have an affair after married, but why get married if that is what is going to happen.