My Husband Of Twenty Years......

My story is elsewhere on EP....the bottom line , as far as this story is concerned , is that we have been agreed to divorce for about five months.  We made an agreement....I stuck to it, all this time.  I finally found the love of my January, months after the agreement.  Now the agreement we made,and I lived by is null and void....because he feels I've cheated on him with Tiger.  What the **** is wrong with some people???  I do not feel guilty for cheating on him with was NOT cheating to move on from a marriage we both agreed was over!!  We discussed dating when we made the agreement...we were both free to date, as long as we didn't bring the date to the house we share.  I never brought Tiger here...ever, per the agreement.  Another case of "I may say it, but it doesn't mean I'll live by it" from him. 

For twenty years, I considered him a man of his word.  Now??  I wouldn't trust him if he told me the sky was blue...I'd look outside to check if it was true.

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well, I just destine some advice but I see you say that you divorced, so I just suggest that if you worry about your boyfriend, you can use HelloSpy to track him :v

Tiger,! Better and more exciting? No....I couldn't go that far. Many things went on between the two of us to get us both to the place we are now. I don't really think "exciting" would adequately describe it. More like....serenity, breathing, taking time to learn to be the people we should've already been, again. Thank you so much for commenting!

Tiger, eh! Good for you! Is he a whole lot more exciting and was the move a good one for you?

Trust is simple, human verbal contracts are very complex, meaning, a principle is equal to what matters or does not matter. So human contracts are held by principle, when these set of agreements are broken then the contract be comes useless, in another word void. no longer binding, worthless. Your trust is broken, so is the other person,<br />
null and void, So if the principle is non binding, does not hold the agreement together, then move to your next choice, stop trying to live by rules or agreements, be a savage, an unprincipled person. freedom to live and let live. see how that works for you then continue on to your end. be free!

LOL!! That advice is about a year too late! I'm divorced from my then hubby, and remarried to my then bf.

I do not understand "I found true love" part of your tale. After 20 years if you decided to eave your hubby, do you seriously risk falling for another promise of true love? continue with what is happening for the last 20 years and have your affairs in between. That sounds more practical.