I Was Almost Fooled By Her

recently my little cousin has been coming over my house alot. (18 years old) at first i didn't think much of it but eventually she opened up to me and confided in me that one of her bestfriends is harrassing her, accusing her of flirting with her boy toy. claiming that she has betrayed her by seeing her boytoy behind her back. my cousin (lets call her erica) erica claims that that is not true. that she and her friend's boy toy are just friends. (lets call him michael)

to make things worst her other best friend has sided with the other girl (lets call her teresa and ashley) teresa is not michael's girlffriend but they "mess". from what my cousin erica has told me, teresa is obsessed with michael, but they have an agreement. they are just friends with benefits. my cousin erica is a punk. i've noticed although she has a smart mouth and short temper when it comes to facing the consequeces of her actions she punks out. i adviced her that if teresa threaten her physically she should call the cops. she was so sad because ashley had sided with teresa and not with her. the entire time when erica was telling me what had happend to her and her best friends and how alone she was i sympathised with her. i felt so sorry for her and comforted her in every way.

later on that night she asked me if she could invite michael over. (i thought that was odd) she also made the comment of how good looking he was. i said ok. while she was on the phone with michael i over heard her asking him to bring a friend for me. i told her that wasn't necessary but i thought to myself (what is this? a double date?) (is her best friend right in accusing her of betrayel and flirting with her boy toy)

michael said he couldn't bring anyone because all his friends know teresa and would surely tell her about their encounter. (again i thought something was fishy)

michael (age 29) came alone and we all hung out. i noticed michael liked me and was quickly intimidated by my confidence (i am very talkative) but i toned it down a bit and made a few jokes so he could feel comfortable. soon casanova/pretty boy did feel more comfortable and we were having a great conversation. but i noticed my little cousin erica was getting quieter and was almost upset that me and michael were conversating. i made eye contact with her several times trying to include her in the conversation as did he but something wasn't right. it seemed as if she were jealous.

eventually he told me about the affair that he has with my little cousin. she tried to get him to shut up but he said it anyways. she interrupted with a "it was one time only" but he said "no it was not. it was more then that" then i told her "well then you did betray your bestfriend" she claimed "but that is not her boyfriend they are just friends with benefits" so i explained to her that if she really thought their was nothing wrong with her hiding this peace of information from one of her best friends whom is inlove with him and does this boy all the time then why hide the info? if their is nothing wrong with her action? then she claimed "well that is not really my best friend"

i realized she had lied to me. but for what? i don't know these girls. we live in different cities, why did she lie to me? i figured she knows what she is doing is wrong. but she cannot or does not want to accept responsibility for her actions and so she lies to me to almost convince herself of her own innocence. to have someone validate her innocence. to have someone say to her "poor baby" when she is the one who is doing another person wrong.

i told her "you didn't have to lie to me, the last thing i would do is judge you, i would give you advice only if you asked for it otherwise i would respect your decisions even if i didn't agree with them"

she kept trying to justify herself to me even after he left, i guess her conscience was eating at her especially since i found out the truth after throwing her the biggest pity party.

then i remembered something that i had observed about reica's personality but had ignored it... see our other cousin (same age as her) has had a great relationship with her first love. they have been together for 2 years and lost their virgos to each other. it's truely romantic. the type of romance that i never lived :'( but always admired. anyways when i've made comments about how sweet their relationship is and how great her boyfriend is, erica gets very jealous, and angry and talks about how she could have had him if she wanted to. then she begins to bash our other cousin to the adults in our family telling them how she is s3xually active with her boyfriend. pretty much going out of her way to make our other cousin look bad. but erica never reveals that she has been with over 30 guys and she is just 18. our other cousin has just been with her first and she is just 18.

erica is right now with 3 boys and they each think they are her boyfriend plus her best friend's boy toy.

i remembered a while ago erica had a problem with another girl on fb. a girl she went to highschool with. this girl claimed erica was trying to get with her boyfriend. this girl also made the comment of "you are always trying to get with everybody else's man" this was 2 years ago but i had forgotten about it and just recently remembered.

now i am putting two and two together and realized that my little cousin just can't stand to see a man paying attention to another girl even if she is not interested in that guy. she just has to have him. i fear for her safety and so allow her to stay in my house for now since she lives in a bad neighborhood and those girls over there are savages. i'm sure once teresa finds out she will attack erica. i adviced her to carry pepper spray or something. i do feel sorry for erica because i know what it feels like to be scared to go outside because some crazy girl wants to fight you. but then again my situation was different. i didn't deserve it, sadly erica does. i don't know why she can't seem to be ok with just leaving a couple alone and being happy for them but i know that if she doesn't stop she is going to get in trouble. especially living where she lives.

and now i know never to introduce her to any of my boyfriends;)
veronica4ever veronica4ever
26-30, F
Dec 16, 2012