I love writing my feelings out and allowing my anger to disapate while typing my rant on EP.  I don't feel bad about it nor do I think anyone else should. 


Lacey, We are hear to read your venting so go right ahead girl!

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Yes, rant on......each is entitled to his/her own opinion , it makes life interesting and hey....sometimes we learn.

if its truth you have if its important enough if its a passion then rant away its who you are. if others don't agree that's ok to. we live in a democracy so i may not agree with everything you say but i would still fight to the death for your right to say it. left unsaid how are we to view the world through dark glasses.? rant away more power to your elbow without debate there is no progress only boredom

Venting has really helped me on my journey to Peace of mind..The ones I vent to don't seem to mind.

I wonder how many people here realize how much you write and DON'T post???? :)

Hey Lacie! hey Fungirl!That's what we're here for! Vent on. I vent all the time............It' oh so therapeudic! LOL You write, we read!

LOl. cool sweetie.

Thanks y'all!

i love to do this also!

It is and I will never say that so feel free to PM me anytime. I won't judge you harshly and only give advice if you ask for it.