I've Grown Cold?

I don't feel love the way I used to feel it.  Maybe because I don't want to?  I just know that I can't think of anyone I really love besides my son.  There are people I care about, of course; I care about almost everyone.  But I don't feel love for many people very often anymore.  This scares me.  I want to have warm, fuzzy feelings!  My son is the only person I really truly feel I love, and that's a given.  I mean, everyone loves their children more than they love anthing.  But I think I used to feel love for many people, so much that it hurt.  Now it only hurts because I don't have enough love...

eromreven eromreven
1 Response Feb 13, 2009

If you have to ask the question are you capaiable of feeling or giving love, then perhaps its somthing that needs to be addressed. Love in itself is a very special gift when it is given and recieved and of course there are many different ways to love and I sure I don't need to go into any details. The point is, it sounds like the words you wrote come from some one who has been hurt in the past and maybe they weren't addressed. I also noticed that you never mentioned anything about a boy friend or husband or your other. If you wish to, I welcome your repsonse and or message me about the subject, who knows, we may be able to find some answeres.