no matter what anyone can say ''u are good,u are perfect'' well ..................u should believe in urself...

its amazing how can someone say :

- u are good

-thanks but i dont feel i am.though u are good

-oh thanks.i dont feel that either.but i know u are

**so see?its like a circle sometimes between ppl. what someone can see to someone else is different from what we see to ourselves.(sometimes)

-i know i should believe in myself more-believe for me..

i know i like some things to myself...

but also im not in love with myself =/ should i ?maybe sometimes is ok like that.....well i like im stubborn at least hehe

amysangels amysangels
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4 Responses Mar 11, 2010

its supposed u both be equal and no favourites..

umm yeah understand..

yeah reece, we judge ourselves harder than anyone else..<br />
hugs laurrie*

Our harshest critict is also the one that needs to hear (and more importantly believe) what you just said the most, and unfortuanatly that is ourselves......