So I am ahead of my age group. I'm in my very, very early 20s and at this point I have graduated college with honors, I have my degree, I have a career, I am state licensed to practice in my field of choice, I'm great at balancing finances, I take care of my body, and I know what I want the next step in my life to be.

This is a problem when it comes to being social. Many individuals that are my age are still thinking about what they want to do with their lives, are dabbling various in college majors, are partying out, having relationships for which they have no serious intentions, and experimenting with substances and other behaviors.

I can't seem to find a common ground. I want to get into a serious relationship, move out, and put additional energy into my interests and further expand my career. Yes, I like to go out and have fun but I often can't match up with people my age in terms of what is and is not fun.

I feel lonely, and out of place.
Nomerza Nomerza
22-25, F
Aug 24, 2014