Can Not Concentrate On Anything Losing My Mind

Hello! Ever since the huge hit in 08, we all know things went out of control. i got my degree 2 yrs ago in network administrator no certifications. all the stuff i know is old IT information from the 90s and what not the newer stuff is not being taught in schools and most IT people don't even know it!

i do not feel i can keep up with technology, the newer, rapid technology out there. they say this is the time to update or add new skills, but i want to do that and at the same time, hurting for money! does it make sense to update your skills, you have no money to pay your bills/debts, cars, etc or does it make sense to get a job then try to do both?

i got a cc company wanting to sue me, i got a university bugging me about paying them back, and it's a mess! anyway, studying was never fun to me because i was never given the proper tools to use to study and succeed. my own parents didnt help either i have two dominant learning styles visual and kinestetic weak in auditory. i have tried the "traditional methods of studying," and it did nothing for me.

with my degree and seeking a job, what do i study first? do i study more IT, math (math skills are still not good), or creativity? i want to work more on my creativity, but what job am i gonna get with that? i also want to mix creativity and technology together if possible....

anything right now would be great to add to my resumes, but i can not seem to concentrate on anything because things are piling up and not sure what to do. i am not well off like some people are and can do it......

yea skills are dwindling....:(
ladyceleste ladyceleste
26-30, F
Sep 6, 2012