I Used To Be Love

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well everybody used to love me and my brother hanging around now my mom side of the family always get him but not me i know we are not twins but i should get some money he gets over $50 from them when he gets good grade he gets paid more money i always good job jayden.He always get to go to Tallahassee with my cousin while i have to stay home and do chores then they go to the mall and i always feel that i was put on earth for nothing i can sing but if this keep going on I'm just thinking about suicide but I'm not so I'm gonna keep praising to god to ask him to guide me through life.Where did the love go too
crow2787 crow2787
1 Response Apr 26, 2012

I know ur felling.my family dosent love me. My sisters always call me stupid gay ugly retarted but I'm none of those things. I'm 13 and Im a girl. My dad always says to leave him alone and to go do something with my life. And my mom always says if ur so misrible why don't you runaway. Ir kill yourself. But I wont. Cuz I have a whole life to live. So yeah don't kill yourself crow2787 you have a whole life to live. Beloved in urself. :)