I Think I Shouldn't Be Born

Everytime something exciting is happening at midnight or midday
My family leaves the home and don't wake me or just let them join me
There was a time that my brother went to the hospital and they didn't let me join them and yesterday night I was left behind without anyone my brother is a two year old and they let him join them but me always alone I don't feel loved i just feel like nobody loves me and my stepfather always get angry with me and always scold me even its not my fault and they love my brother much more than me i think he got the 90% and me 10% only I don't know why I feel like this I just play with my friend and that is just to feel loved i wish I had her life but only 70% and she is a true friend she treats me like her sister and we love each other it's sucks having a younger sibling i regret everything I wanted because I don't think about everything I wanted and even if they are like that i still love them but if they make this again to me I don't think I can forgive them I really wanna tell this to them but they will just hate me I wanna cry but no I will stay strong.THAT'S ALL!!!
luckykitty120503 luckykitty120503
26-30, F
Jul 31, 2013