I´m crying as I write this. I really only expect to feel loved by my bf, because I´m not close to my family and most of my friends I´ve been losing steady contact with. I became involved with my bf because I felt with him I would never have to be lonely again and I would always feel loved. this was true in the beginning, but now I just don´t know. we have some really wonderful times together, but it seems I am much less important to him than I was.
I am a sensitive person who needs alot of contact and deep connection, and he gave that in the beginning but not so much anymore.
I don´t know what to do. whenever I tried talking about it with him it seems he doesn´t understand how serious this problem is. I´m sure I need to be braver in terms of communicating.
I still want to be with him but again and again I am disapointed and hurt because he doesn´t expresses love the way I need.
Joelisa Joelisa
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3 Responses Jul 24, 2010

Hi Joelisa, I certainly do agree with you on that one -- you absolutely should still try to have a happy relationship as time goes by. I hope the next stage of your relationship exceeds all of your hopes and dreams. Good luck to you. (by the way I love your name)

thanks for your reply, but I don´t expect things to always be like they were in the beginning. I agree things change, but surely one should still try to have a happy relationship as time goes by.

When you have a newborn baby, every little thing is a miracle, the fact that the child has the correct number of toes and fingers is a thrill... however as the child grows and the new wears off of the experience, then the fact that the child has fingers and toes is not as thrilling as it was when you first counted them. It is understood that the child will not remain a newborn for very long. Why, then, do people expect a 'love relationship' to remain exactly as it was in it's infancy? That is an unrealistic expectation. Although the 'miracle' feeling fades with time, just like the child, the relationship should be no less valuable just because it is no longer brand new. It's just in a different stage and will always and forevermore be in a state of change, since all of us humans are too.