I'm Sure Not

Someone comes to me telling me about a problem i don't say aww sorry i ask about the problem and ask if they are going to do anything about it. Being sorry is a waste of time and energy.

Arorin Arorin
22-25, M
4 Responses Feb 20, 2009

I agree. Saying sorry is pretty pointless as their problem isn't your fault.

that's cool im not expect people to agree with me, but im not about to change.

Hard to understand what you said but im not looking for support from others either.

i think we also among people .. we should ask too that are we also supportive too .. ? <br />
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People are supportive but i think in these days people always have short of time they are no more good listener they always only think about their selves ,, and if a person with whom we share our problem and she/ he did not showed any sense or signs of support then we should not stretch our this one experience on every one.. .. we cannot clap with one hand .. we should be supportive to for others then people will also be with us too... <br />
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