My Ode To Someone Who Felt 'different.

your just realising that
this world we live in
is as bogus as the
king James bible
who took all the
juicy bits out
did you really know
you were a natural
born magician
with the power of god
in your very own hands?

and all your peer group
I'm betting are
sports freaks or
x factor junkees
or playing xbox 360's

well they have been
hijacked by corporations
or at least their souls
same goes for the world
in central bank hell
but heaven easier to reach
than your front door
for sure

but not the heaven in that
book of propaganda
which makes you look up to
a man that was equal to you

and jesus was his name
but your the son of god too
but you have guessed it
not the god in the king james
bible, that god is you
but flouride was hitlers
most feared chemical weopon
and youv drunk the water
every day, go find a spring

but they mess with you
in many other ways
female hormones in
peeled plumb tomatoes
and chemtrails, high
frequencies too, they get you

and I just had a blast
if its in your left ear, it's bad
but ringing in your right
is someone telephoning
so please learn how to
pick up that phone

and happy to help too
if i am ever needed
I see through all the blags
in the present day made
by the corporations and bankers
against our existence

and you can put your head
in the deepest of sand
will just get your ar se kicked
when your not lo0king
your young, your whole future
depends on the next few years

cos this planet maybe upgraded
for the select few, not making it up
cos for you christian doubters
its in the old testament; scriptures
the rapture is coming for sure

but you christians; been conned
you are god all along, so why
give loads of cash, to a tw a t
in a pointy hat, get your own magic hat

and your young enough to learn
that everything you have ever
been taught has been lies
happy to show you some evidence
check my early blogs of links
though it should get an update
got all the science you need
to back up all my poetry
all you need is love
don't you see?

and all our army wives need
are their husbands home for tea
41-45, M
Aug 3, 2010