Don't Fit In

This  group suits me perfectly.

It's true, I do not fit in anywhere. I'm different to the other people out there. I don't share the same interests as other people. I don't do the same things as other people. At work I feel like the odd one out sometimes. Maybe it's because I'm shy, I'm not sure. Sometimes when I'm in a situation where I don't fit in I like to pretend that I am invisible or get into like a dream state of mind. I don't fit into any groups. I don't fit the norm. I like being different, but it can get incredibly lonely at times. I wish I fitted in somewhere.

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Every person is unique and individual. TV, movies, commercials and news media have too much influence on people. Everybody wants to be like somebody else and often don't even know what they truly are as they have been in front of a screen since the day they were born. The majority of these people don't even understand that the images they see are ALL MADE TO SELL YOU SOMETHING. It's all about consumerism. Look it up. It's up to you to decide if all you are is a consumer or something else very unique.

Take heart, aren't alone. I'm in the same position as you...never invited to parties, etc. I do have two or three very good friends, but that is it. <br />
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I was raised by the WWII generation, so I have very little in common with people my age usually. And I like being different as you do. But it IS lonely. Like frostbitten1997 said, you fit in with me, too. :)

You fit in with me :)

There wouldn't be that issue if i had friends and went to parties aces4battle..

if you do not want to be the center of attention, yet active, try to be a witness to events only. that way you have things to talk about later, or will build up someone's image because you was there as a witness.<br />
In the meantime, hang with your friend at a party, but if you see anyone that is extremely talkative, or active than hang around them. After a while, they will include you in conversations.

Very, very extreme! But I completely understand

I'm like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole most of the time. Or maybe even a dodecagon-shaped peg trying to fit into a triangular hole. Ok, enough with the stupid geometry metaphors.