In the Middle

I go to a exclusive college prep high school, and i'm a mixed-minority. There are only a hand full of minorities at school, mostly on scholarship. They don't like to hang out with me, because I'm not "puerto-rican" or "african-american" enough, so they say and most white kids don't like to hang out with me because i'm not white. I had two best friends both white, they would say i was the "whitest acting" minority they ever met. I stopped hanging out with them recently because they kept making racial jokes at me. I don't intentionally act like any race, because i think that whole idea is ridiculous, i'm just myself, i can't find many people who can appreciate that.

ArabellaBlythe ArabellaBlythe
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5 Responses Feb 17, 2009

Thanks again Mike, I really appreciate that.

I remember High School. God it sucked bad, especially where I lived. Come to think of it, all the schools I ever attended sucked. I was a nerd, bi-racial (product of a black father and white mother), and was picked on and in a lot of fights because my skin wasn't black and I didn't act 'black." <br />
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Just be true to yourself AB. Though it is hard, especially when you have no friends, it's better than trying to act like something you're not and regretting it later. There will come a time and people who like you for who you are and not your ethnicity.

Thanks a lot, both of you. I'm glad to find others you understand.

i know it is hard. Just try to remember there is a life after high school. You have to have some smarts are you wouldn't be in the school. So, focus on your studies. People such as these are not worth your time. they will be the same even after high school. <br />
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Stay true to yourself and seek out friends that help you feel good about yourself. Even if you can't find them in your school find activities outside of school you can do and seek good friendships there.

I hope that you can find people that can see beyond superficial labels.