I feel like I don't fit in with my family. Trust me I have a nice home am well taken care of but I just don't fit in. I'm the middle child of 3. I feel like I can't talk to anybody here, when I try to talk I'm either ignored or just plain forgotten but when I don't talk I get yelled at or called stupid. I give up on trying to fit in, it's to the point to where i sit in my room all day and "hide" and sleep. I'm much closer to my friends than my family , I'm close to my dad. But that's about it. I've been very depressed multiple times and wanted to give up on everything. It seems like I can't do anything to please my mom. I make good grades it's not good enough. My brother makes awful grades and it's okay. I clean the house and get bitched at all day he doesn't clean and it's okay. In starting college soon and needed help purchasing textbooks and I get yelled at about that. I get yelled at when my brother isn't ready for school or if he doesn't clean but it's not my fault. I try to explain this and get yelled at even more. I wish I was dead sometimes. Maybe that would make things better. My boyfriend is the only reason I'm still holding on today , he is literally my only support system.
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I know that feel :')