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I used to believe I was adopted because of how different I am from everyone else in my family.

My entire family is very loud, extroverted, cynical, and rebellious. Think the Connors, the tv family on the sitcom 'Roseanne' ...meets the Greek loudmouth family from 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'... meets the Bundys from 'Married With Children'. YEAH. That's an unbelievably accurate description. I, on the other hand, am shy, sensitive, reserved, introverted, and soft-spoken.

They have pretty much succeeded in embarrassing me all throughout my childhood, my adolescence, and sometimes my adulthood. They have no couth, and they are not ashamed of their lack of it, either. They pride themselves on being rugged and uneducated, they are not opposed to stealing or lying to get what they want, and nearly every one of them has a drug or alcohol problem. Domestic abuse runs rampant in my family, as does verbal and emotional abuse, and they ridicule anyone who tries to initiate an intellectual conversation.

I have always been sort of a backwards "black sheep" in my family- I was the only one who read books for fun, listened to a wide variety of music including classical and sensitive new wave stuff, and actually displayed good manners when at home or in public. I got teased constantly, and sometimes it bordered on resentment and name-calling. I was always accused of being "snobby" or "too good for everyone else" just because I didn't want to join in the rough-and-tumble lifestyle of my family.

After years of us clashing, I just decided to forget it and disown them. It wasn't just because we were different- they treated me with much disrespect and took advantage of me repeatedly, along with verbal and emotional abuse. I finally decided that I was going to make an effort to improve my life by cutting them OUT of it.

It worked. I haven't spoken to them in almost 4 years, and the chaos and stress in my life has decreased greatly as a result.

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This sounds just like me. Though my case is more milder. I am the only one who likes to read for fun. My sister is rebellious I am not.l I like to follow rules and guidelines. If I get a bad grade I freak out! (literally I got a C once and I cried for a week) I don't look like my mom at all. She has red curly hair, pale skin, blue eyes with freckles. I have brown straight hair, tan skin, brown eyes and I don't have many freckles. I sometimes wish I knew my dad so I can compare us..i haven't seen him since I was 2 years old. I soo feel like a mis fit though.

^ I'm not adopted.

I would love to believe that I was adopted, but I know I'm not. The family I disowned (blonde and tanned) are all my mother's side, whereas I get get my dark curls and pale skin from my dad's side.

^ I completely agree. And yeah- my family is almost entirely tanned, and blonde with straight hair, and I have naturally curly dark hair and pale skin!! We truly are different in so many ways.